She like a flower
 "Narva colors and a bouquet ... the girl I love"
NM Rubtsov, "Bouquet"

Flowers, the girl I love. How to choose?

They are in every person's life and even mean something. Much or negligible, it is up to you. But to pass them can not be anyone else. Men give them, at times believing stupid "broom", women are happy to accept, carefully looked after and even try to guess at it. They are all around us. On beds yards, parks and squares, in books and poems, as well as flower stalls sprung up around! Flowers bring us joy and delight, gratitude and sorrow. They may love or not, they will not leave indifferent anybody .

Today, many of us feel that to give flowers - it is no longer fashionable. It's better to make a present or a sweet, pleasant to anything useful and necessary for the economy to give. What nonsense! Flowers - this is a piece of imperishable beauty, we are able to feel and to give to others. And what a delight cause-grown flowers in the flower bed, and they are pleasing to the eye on a cold winter windowsill.

Every day, we work slowly looping around dozens of stalls and shops. And try to stay! And give yourself ... No, not sweet chocolate bar or fresh croissants ... a simple and unpretentious bouquet of lilies of the valley, or the tall, slender gerbera. I assure you, the mood will rise and time will pass with a bang!

Yes, modern flowers and bouquets composed of them, surprised by its diversity. Bright jewelry, delicate fur or feathers careless high - exquisite combination in the bouquet, dazzling. Ready bouquet is certainly convenient, but more often we prefer to build it yourself, guided by their own ideas about beauty. And, of course, is not a standard combination of several red roses, a whole basket of different color and shape of flowers - is an art.

 She like a flower
   Homeland of the science of colors - East. It was there in the XVIII century by Charles II, King of Sweden, brought the first mention of the language of colors and combinations of science in Europe. And in the middle of the century floral dictionaries flooded the whole of Europe, and romantic young man, increasingly guided by them, "wrote" bouquets your beloved.

Today, the language of flowers, almost forgotten. Bouquet of red roses and white chrysanthemums lush perceived equally nice. And in vain!

The language of flowers is simple   and easy to remember, and if you do it you will understand, then with curiosity and professionalism will read each greeted by a bouquet. After all, to give or receive a gift of flowers - it is certainly nice, but sometimes you want to know or say more than a bouquet of orange lilies.

 She like a flower
 Do you want to talk about their feelings? Tenderness and purity of intentions, no doubt, symbolizes the white color, so choose white asters and roses. Admiration and innocence underlined lilies or carnations. Romantic and youth will be able to transfer fragile chamomile.

The language of flowers helps to confess their feelings, to express joy or sadness. In a large bouquet of flowers each individual brings their own individual meaning. It has long been considered a symbol of passion roses and carnations bright scarlet and purple tones. "My heart is filled with only you, I love you," and whispers red flower.

Want to give more positive - then make your choice on the color yellow or orange flowers. In the language of flowers, yellow chrysanthemum symbolizes joy and confidence. Chrysanthemum flower is generally considered close friends. Sunny tulip flowers give a smile, a sense of warmth, ease and fun. Yellow flowers for a long time is not perceived as a sign of betrayal or rejection, as well as the harbingers of a good mood, wealth and prosperity.

"Do you have someone to rely on," - this is what you mean? To underline its commitment and give confidence in the future? Then choose the blue irises and hyacinths. Excellent underlined boundless energy, trust and loyalty, and delphinium blue forget-me. Darker colors also tell you about your well-being, luxury and dignity. How beautiful purple and violet gloxinia!

Flowers must conform to the occasion. For wedding and anniversary celebrations always fit luxury bouquet of white and pink carnations, lilies and gladioli. White color in this case is versatile and give great holiday mood, an atmosphere filled with freshness around.

 She like a flower
 Repeatedly, researchers have argued that the language of flowers originated in the era of romanticism, when the feelings put above all. About them composed songs and ballads, was feeling the young people scrambled in his letters, bouquets of young beauties. For example, the number of bells in the bouquet, specify the time of the meeting and the number of buds day of the week. Do not know the language of flowers was then just a crime!

Very interesting will look color light green shades, such as tender roses. The very color symbolizes peace and quiet, and is perceived very friendly. Do not often see flowers green shades. And if we talk about these colors, it is certainly worth mentioning greens - she, too, is a large part of the composition of the bouquet. Here we have to know when to stop, but rather stick to the golden mean. Too little impress her bouquet of understatement, and a great abundance of - on the contrary, lose the flowers themselves. Therefore, try to trim the green to the colors very carefully, but the symbol of hope, fertility and purity - must always be in every bouquet.

However, roses, tulips, lilies and chrysanthemums on the right are universal colors, and with a great variety of colors, they can be presented in any situation. But if you want to give a gift to his girlfriend, then stick to bright scarlet tones and a small number of colors, but if the girl is very modest, it is not too lazy to find the delicate shades of lilies, bells, or decorative chamomile.

 She like a flower
 For the homemaker, by contrast, will approach lush multiple bouquets. Men, on the contrary, in the present preferred single large flowers on a long stem - gladiolus, chrysanthemums. To decorate the home or office interior fit perfectly lilacs or lilies. Are you afraid to make a mistake with flowers and color? Give more and more often then just guess for sure!

In general, if you look closely, every girl is like a flower!   Pale skin, soft light gray hair, slightly curly and gently decaying face, thin and slender figure, refined lean fingers and soft hands, like thin leaves on the stem, gently hug, enveloping cool gentle breathing. In her deep big eyes always see some moderation and light romantic longing. Is this girl is not like the violet flower?

 She like a flower
 Snow White or bright purple, royal flower. She chuvtsvo like a queen among the people and the queen among the flowers. It is always a special, close attention. She is energetic, proud and knows her worth, whether it is bright red-haired beast or languid burning brunette. Girl - Lily always visible from afar.

It is simple and clear, perfect in form and content. Very fragile and trusting, combining strict ideality and easy uncertainty. Yes, gerbera girl needs a strong male support.

In contrast, a similar form, but in a completely different, ambiguous girl stud conceals many mysteries. Want innuendo? Difficult game of relationships and feelings are not alien to you? love sweets stuffed surprise? Then you are on the way.

She used to love and be loved. She can do that! Harmonious and evenly given to emotions and life, which is on solid high heels. And stand up for herself-she is always able and Rose will not miss her, as long as the water has always been fresh and the vase - Crystal.

Unusual, a little bizarre and incomprehensible to others. She seemed torn from his usual environment, but to constantly strive for. Her delicate petals of a large and complex structure of the flower reiterates that its owner is very complex and deep person. The approach to this will not everyone. After all, creative girl-alien orchid everything is clear and familiar.

 She like a flower
 There are girls like roses,
There are girls daisy, here and there,
At the heart of all its similar,
Love and joy of life are waiting for.
The author of the poem, © lonely wolf_S
Author: Valentina Pyatygo