Fashion experiment: the practice of "winter swimming"
 If someone give me a couple of years ago said that I would be "walrus", I would have laughed in his face. I - heat-loving creature that even in the summer for a business trip takes a woolen socks (suddenly the night will be cold?). I - a man who from the bath and not able to get out until the body to steam as it should (otherwise feel a chill from the temperature difference)? And in the open hole in the middle of winter cold? No way in the world! But drat, all abruptly changed. Now, I dipped into the public baths twice a week. And it does not stop me in this impulse or a thermometer showing a negative air temperature or wind expressive or onlookers, shivering and wrapped in their jackets.

Paradoxically, but his first experience of the "winter swimming" I bought in the summer. Outstanding is hot. The heat did not subsided, even in the evening. To somehow escape him, my friends after work, nearly jumped out of his office saving air conditioners, went to the equipped spring in the city center. It was a year-round ice-cold water, so in the ravine, where there was a spring, there was a saving cool. What a pleasure it was to be in this oasis after a hot asphalt-concrete metropolis!

One day a friend offered to bring your bathing suits to be able to change clothes and plunge into the pool with spring water, equipped here at the source. Dipping in contrast with the air temperature of cold water to make the heart stop for a couple of seconds to hide again at a furious pace after leaving the bath. How fresh! How much adrenaline! Feeling zanovorozhdeniya! Such bathing fell to my liking, and I began to practice them regularly.

 Fashion experiment: the practice of "winter swimming"

The next step was Epiphany dip   I am convinced that in the light Christian holiday the easiest to try on the status of "walrus" .  And not only because of a belief that sick that day can not be .  Wow encourages and helps the mass of events .  When the hole or spring baths going great company willing to plunge in the cold, it is the most psychologically and make it easier to .  I imagine my surprise when the winter dip in terms of the temperature difference air / water was given to me easier than it was in the summer .  After the summer the temperature is much higher than the temperature of the water in a spring .  The body is warmed up the summer sun, and his contact with the icy water source feel more expressive .  Another matter winter .  The temperature of the air and spring water at this time of the year do not differ much, and the water is even warmer .  So go into the water and plunge in the winter is not working .  More difficult, perhaps, to undress in the cold .  And these difficulties greater psychological than physical .

 Fashion experiment: the practice of "winter swimming"

Epiphany bathing before I had in mind that at some point I realized that wait a whole year until the next baptism, I do not want. So it was decided dipped twice weekly. By the way, this is the minimum frequency mode dipping in open water in winter recommend "walrus" with the experience. Of course, before you embark on "the winds" (read: become a "walrus") I studied a number of publications with tips on proper "winter swimming" from people experienced in this business, that undertaking this brought me only a favor and do not harm health. And today, with the height of his though is tiny, but still experience I want to share with you tips and advice on how all the same "morzhevat" correctly.

You certainly concerned about the issue, is it possible to immediately plunge into the winter in open water, or be pre somehow prepare themselves for this event, for example, practicing a contrast shower, cold foot bath and walk barefoot in the snow. The answer is different for everyone. It just listen to yourself, your desires. If willpower to undress in the cold and a dip in the pool open is clearly not enough, then you do not need to force yourself. Want to harden more loyal and gentle methods - please. If there is a rush, and internal readiness to plunge into the open air, bold action, do not limit yourself to this lengthy preparation process.

First you need to choose a place for dipping. Will it be an open body of water or a specially equipped bath with spring water - at your discretion. I personally much nicer (in the sense of the purity of water) and easier (in the sense of the steps to the entrance and the handrail for balance) - the second option. While the benefits of such a procedure does not affect this choice. Practice "winter swimming" are equally useful in Hydropark town with the usual running water and baths equipped with pure spring water. Consider also when choosing a place to submerge and convenience of its geographical location.

 Fashion experiment: the practice of "winter swimming"

And here is a set of basic rules of the "winter swimming", which is to learn not to hurt yourself like cryoprocedure.

At first , Contingency force majeure go to the pool in the company of like-minded people or just a friend who will support you.

Secondly Before dipping to remove his outer clothing, and a little preheat your body with squats or short run.

Third Undressed and go into the pool three times a dip at the shoulders (without the head), and wash.

 Fashion experiment: the practice of "winter swimming"

Fourthly (And this is important!) After dipping quickly blot wet body with a towel, without rubbing it, and immediately get dressed. Standing in the cold wet, as do many reckless drivers on Epiphany, trying to impress is not clear to anyone, it is very dangerous.

Fifthly After you have completely will put, you can drink hot tea, which you can take with them in a thermos, and it is better just to poison home to heat.

In conclusion,   I would like to say a few words about why I practice "winter swimming". Perhaps I will disappoint the reader, but primarily in my fit of not wanting to be healthier, to temper the organism, etc. Yes, it's all very nice, and I am glad that all these bonuses bring me cryoprocedure practiced regularly. Yet for me the most important thing. "What then? "- Asks the inquisitive reader. Amazing updated, refined feeling something, your body, your skin, which, like the second wave comes and the feeling of mental clarity and vigor!

"And what is there to fashion? "- You ask for last. Yes, I confess, I started my practice, "winter swimming" is a tribute to the fashion for this occupation. After all, every year at Epiphany hole wanting to plunge more and more, so the growing popularity of this phenomenon beyond doubt. But for me the fashion experiment, Kojima was dipping into the source at the beginning of my practice, "winter swimming" has long outgrown the stage experience and has become a real passion, bringing both physical and emotional satisfaction.

All photos from the personal archive of the author.
Author: Natalia Hryshko