Intimate Plastic
 Today, medical advances make it possible not only to deal with illnesses, but also to do a lot of cosmetic operations. Not bypassed progress and cosmetology intimate areas, which allows you to get rid of congenital or acquired defects. Ongoing operations are divided into two types: it is cosmetic surgery, with which improves the appearance of the genitals, and those that make it possible to regain lost for any reason functions.

The main types of services that are now offering cosmetic surgery in intimate areas are: reconstruction surgery, plastic clitoris, vagina and plastic plastic labia. Today, more and more women throughout the world have resorted to such surgery.

Forms intimate plastics

It is necessary to elaborate on each procedure and its application. Plastic surgery of the labia lips are usually associated exclusively with the aesthetic factor. The most frequent cause for such operations is the asymmetry of the right and left side or the excessive visibility of the labia minora. Such cases are usually settled transactions, which removes excess skin from the labia minora, which allows you to give them the desired shape and form.

This procedure allows women to get rid of many psychological complexes regarding the type of intimate areas of his body. This has a positive impact on dealing with the opposite sex and love life. The defects are corrected such kind of plastic surgery can be of different nature: birth, age, or postpartum. Often, the correction of the labia minora followed by plastics clitoris.

 Intimate Plastic

Correction of the vagina

Next on demand service is intimate plastics - a transaction relating to the change in shape of the vagina. Generally, an irregular shape or volume of that body, as in the previous case, generates great psychological problems which negatively affect the sexual lives. In addition, overly broad or narrow size of the vagina can cause severe discomfort.

These changes are associated with relaxation of the pelvic muscles, and may eventually lead to problems, not only sexually, but also to other diseases and functional failures, such as incontinence. On this basis, we can say that the intimate surgery vagina is not just cosmetic, but also can get rid of various health problems. Often this procedure is required after delivery to improve the quality of intimacy.

Restoration of virginity

Despite the fact that society is constantly convinces us that his morality is much more liberal than in the Middle Ages, and ethical standards have reached those heights, which is not discussed so-called "integrity", this problem still exists. It is in this case a surgery to restore the hymen (more commonly called - Hymenoplasty). If you or your partner has a value that question, you probably should refer to this type of intimate plastics.

 Intimate Plastic

Currently, there are two popular methods of reconstruction surgery. They vary in price and term of a full recovery. The short-term method is used in cases where the result must be obtained for no more than ten days. With this operation preserved areas hymen sewn, giving the appearance of its integrity. Disadvantages of this method - a short-lived, as the complete healing occurs. The long-term method of restoring the hymen reconstruction surgery involves using a fabric login. This is a difficult operation, but, nevertheless, it restores the hymen forever. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia, and it uses bioresorbable thread, it allows you to not remove the joints. For this reason, a crucial factor in the selection process operation usually will not cost, and recovery time of interest. Any contraindications this type of surgery has not.

Correction of the clitoris

Intimate surgery clitoris also deserves special mention. The main reason for such intervention - the loss or decrease in sensitivity. In this case, a correction is applied directly to the clitoris or the clitoral hood. This can significantly increase sensitivity. It is also possible contour plastic, which changes the size of the organ. Typically, problems arise with the sensitivity changes due to age or after childbirth. Such an operation can assist in such cases.

 Intimate Plastic

Intimate Plastic often takes a lot of time and greatly helps women who are experiencing any problems or improvements plan. It is important that such operations are helping to get rid of complexes associated with sex lives.
Author: Marina Sun