The new men's fragrance Loewe 7 Natural
 Spanish house Loewe in 2-12 th manufactures men's fragrance Loewe 7 Natural, is a lighter version of the previous fragrance Loewe 7. The announcement was made in spring 2012 and is ideal for the summer season.

The aroma is remarkable that created a very special way. At its heart - the seven notes of the perfume, six of which only natural (hence the name of the fragrance Loewe 7 Natural), and only one component of a synthetic (musk).

Smell Get full of passion and magnetically attracting. Designed for the modern man, attractive and independent. The nature of aroma - citrus with spicy-woody.

Opens Loewe 7 Natural notes of yuzu and bitter orange. This is just the overture to the mysterious "heart" smell: it incense and black pepper. Base notes of musk and wood duo Keda and vetiver.

 The new men's fragrance Loewe 7 Natural

Loewe 7 Natural - in blue vial 50 and 100 ml, in a mild toilet water.

Author: Julia Gnedina