Another death from paracetamol
 The news shocked the British and many people in other countries. Young mother died 20 years after drank a little more paracetamol than it was prescribed.

Paracetamol was prescribed a young woman as an anesthetic after surgery on his chest. Her name was Desiree Phillips, at the beginning of the year it was removed a benign tumor in the breast. But she continued to feel discomfort and pain. To deal with the pain she was prescribed paracetamol.

Desiree felt pain, so let me a few extra paracetamol tablets. Within 9 days after surgery, her liver was almost destroyed by drugs paracetamol. The doctors tried to save her by a liver transplant, but it did not help, the new body has been cut off, and a young woman died in Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

The girl's parents were in shock. The father said that his daughter was prescribed paracetamol 8 tablets a day. But it took a little bit more. Externally overdose did not show, she looked beautiful and felt good. However, it is worth remembering that even the two extra paracetamol tablets a day can cause tremendous harm to the liver, if the overdose lasts 2-3 weeks. What happened to the 20-year-old Desiree. The diagnosis of "liver failure" was irreversible for the young woman. We stayed Desiree year-old son and her husband.

Now and close relatives of the deceased women make every effort to inform the greatest possible number of people about the dangers of paracetamol. They are outraged by the fact that doctors do not warn about the dangers, consider that on the packaging of dangerous drugs, like on cigarette packs, labels must be accurate about what "medicine kills."

And we remember: Do not take more than 8 tablets paracetamol in 24 hours! Is a deadly!

Photo: Desiree Phillips

Author: Julia Gnedina