Change the color of the eyes will help the laser
 As is known, the number of people with natural blue eyes dramatically reduced. Currently, only 8% of the world population are blue-eyed. At the same time, a growing number of those who wish to change eye color. It features colored contact lenses and ... photoshop. Another, until recently, it was not invented. But now things are changing. Change the color of the eyes will laser medicine.

The laser has already given women a lot to our beauty from getting rid of wrinkles to remove fat. Again he stood in the service of those who does not get tired to improve themselves. Now burning brown-eyed beauties such as Catherine Zeta-Jones, can easily be sisyrinchium like Cameron Diaz, without the aid of contact lenses.

The new technique helps to "repaint" the eye for a few weeks. The California company has patented laser method discoloration of the iris of the eye. The inventor of the method of Dr. Gregg Homer says that the method is absolutely safe and can make a difference of thousands of people.

Experts believe that the method will spread to South America, the Middle East and Southern Europe in the next 18 months. But everything depends on the results of further testing until all safety aspects worked. The most stringent requirements on this issue in the US and UK, and to extend the method is possible only by 2015.

Dr. Homer says there is no doubt payback solid investments (assuming that it will be spent 10 million dollars on licensing and testing). Already, he receives up to 300 requests per day to change operation of eye color. But the price of a decent service - £ 3,000.

 Change the color of the eyes will help the laser

There remain skeptics who believe that the impact on the eye laser dangerous. Among them are doctors. Although the majority of corrective eye surgery is done with a laser. Ophthalmologists say they affect only the laser on the cornea, not the iris. But Dr. Homer justified that he had already spent 17 operations to change eye color, and no side effects or damage was not.

The operation is irreversible. Reverse manipulation need be carried out only by means of contact lenses. And that's what's interesting. Are so many people who are unhappy with their eye color?

Author: Julia Gnedina