Magazine, "Mom, it's me! "Together with the site Povarё announces contest" Make a menu for crumbs! "
 The main prize is the publication of the magazine, "Mom, it's me! "

When the baby is a little older, but translated into a common table it is still too early, there is a problem: what to cook baby, and that was tasty, and useful? For sure, you have your own ideas for a small firm capricious! We offer a loving mothers and grandmothers compete in preparation of children's meals.

How to participate in the competition?
• Prepare a meal for your baby.
• Attention! The dish should fit the theme of the next stage of the competition! Topics change each month, be careful!
• Make high-quality photo-step cooking;
• Register online at (check top left) and publish a detailed recipe with step by step photos.

Theme 1 stage of the competition: "Breakfast"
Recipes on Stage 1 of the competition are accepted from 19 December to 18 January 2011   (inclusive).
Within a month from December 19 to January 18, all users of the site Povarё will be able to vote for their favorite option.
The competition results will be announced: January 19-20.

The jury will select 10 of the most popular online recipe one best. It will be published in the journal, "Mom, it's me! »№3 (yield of 20 February 2012), along with a photo of the winner and the winner of the photo of the child (optional).

What will be assessed?   Filing and registration of dishes, serving, original recipes, are relevant to the competition. The contest will run throughout 2012.

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