Working mom happy mother sitting at home
 Do working mothers better health and are less likely to be depressed, it says a new study by the University of North Carolina.

Since 1991, researchers studied 1,364 mothers from the moment of birth and their children until the age of 10. Scientists interested in the question, the impact on the welfare of the mother the presence of pits (compared mothers who work full-time, part-time and who are housewives).

The verdict is: the best indicators of health and psychological balance have mothers who work. It is not much of a difference, mom working full-time or part-time.

Mothers who work part-time, identified by the same better resistance to depression, and my mother sitting at home - are more prone to depression.

Most of the time children devote to study mothers working part-time while working full-time housewife and have little or no opportunity to participate in the education of children (talking about doshkolyatah).

It turns out we were right when demand for itself better conditions of work, but at the same time do not refuse to work at all.

Author: Julia Gnedina