Greetings portal Happy Birthday and Win TV!
 December 1, 2011 it will be exactly a year since when the site opened its virtual doors to its first visitors. Today, almost a year later, - thousands of examples of this successful path to harmony, calculators, nutrition and fitness, weight loss motivational photos "before and after" real people, expert advice, discussion of diet, socializing with like-minded and, of course, contests.

And that's the competition we celebrate its first birthday. Just congratulate (friends of the project, the team site and themselves) will you, and give gifts - we and our wonderful sponsors - brands Erisson, Remington and Syoss.

To participate in a creative photo competition "Greetings! "Should:

- To create his own version of the current logo (apple, decorates the upper left corner of all pages of the site) and the name of the project in any creative process, whether simple or complex - logo and the inscription «» can act as decoration culinary dishes, pencil drawing, collage , embroidery on fabric, stained glass, mosaics of computer parts, the pattern of the leaves in the winter park, and so on. etc.-it does not have to be useful and applicable in the home product, all happy to admire even on our logo from the rain (or snow) clouds.

- To photograph his congratulations and 1 to November 30, post a photo to the contest.

- Carefully read the contest rules and to comply with all their provisions.

Authors of the best works of waiting for the sea of ​​prizes! They will be presented:
LCD TV with built-in DVD-player Erisson 22LDJ08 and electric juicer Erisson JE-900S

 Greetings portal Happy Birthday and Win TV!

Beauty gadgets by the brand Remington - world-renowned manufacturer of high-quality and functional instruments in the field of professional and semi-professional equipment for hair care.

 Greetings portal Happy Birthday and Win TV!

And the wonderful gifts from Schwarzkopf - varnish and mousse line SYOSS Volume Lift:

 Greetings portal Happy Birthday and Win TV!

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