Male nail polish - will have to live with it
 Johnny Depp, David Beckham and even Prince Harry - they were seen with colored lacquer on the nails. And it did not have to wait long - it becomes a trend. Manufacturers also do not have to wait. Already produced and successfully sold a special nail polish for men.

If a man with painted nails - it is unacceptable to you, you'll have to disappoint you, because it is already a fait accompli. We'll have to settle for at least the fact that your boyfriend does not borrow nail, it should have its own.

One of the novelties - the varnish Evolution Man, created for men. In his new line of four muzhchkih shades, including gray metallic, purple metallic, bronze and matte topcoat.

Stylists immediately noticed that the colors of paints for men is now common with trendy shades of cars. They also say that men are increasingly aware of the need for a special manicure and nail care. Indeed, Rolex is somehow difficult to combine with unkempt hands.

 Male nail polish - will have to live with it

 Male nail polish - will have to live with it
Johnny Depp with gray-blue nail polish, photo last week. More in 2002, Beckham wore a light pink nail polish, and Prince Harry in 2009 appeared with bright pink nail polish.

Men colored lacquer can be an opportunity to show that they are not limited to the usual rules, they are strong and independent.

Earlier, the male cosmetics market has emerged and tonal resources, and lipstick, night creams and anti-age products for men, too, is not news. Experts believe that men are not ready to buy women's manicure, so very soon we should expect trends among men varnishes.

Author: Julia Gnedina