Lady Gaga never do plastic surgery, it is simply a born
 Lady Gaga poses on the cover of the May issue of American Harper's Bazaar, and says in its pages on the plastic. We think that these arguments very little truth, and as always, a lot of PR.

Lady Gaga can not use every opportunity to promote his latest creation «Born This Way» (literally - born this way). And talk about plastic surgery boils down to is that it is simply "a born» (Born This Way), what it is now, and never spoke to surgeons.

His sculptural makeup in the photo, she explains that it is "natural look" and nobody's intervention did, it "has always been inside her, and now breaks out." 25-year-old star insists that plastic surgery to her to anything more than that, it is strongly opposed, because he feared for the long-term consequences.

 Lady Gaga never do plastic surgery, it is simply a born

Lady Gaga said in an interview with Harper's Bazaar, that many modern artists have resorted to operations, not knowing how to lead this transformation in the future.

In general, we are ready to believe that she was "born like that", but very sorry for that young woman a second can not live without in order to be someone, not himself. Even to go to a nearby store for a pack of spaghetti, the girl has appeared in the likeness Alien. Interestingly, she does not want all the time to wash themselves and show us just its natural beauty and a real talent?

What do you think about Lady Gaga and plastic?

Author: Julia Gnedina