Loyalty to the traditions of the Alfred Dunhill
 Fashion house Dunhill, existing for a hundred years, has always been famous bespoke (custom-made) costumes. The new fragrance brand - Custom - designed to reflect this commitment to tradition.

Perfectly balanced woody and spicy notes in the imagination to recreate the smell of freshly crosslinked jacket and cap the bottle makes it possible to decorate it with your own monogram.

Custom   It is a reflection of masculine elegance, sophistication and traditional luxury brand. The composition begins refreshing and fragrant scent of apples English Pippin. Classic "beginning" becomes the "heart" of black pepper, creating an intriguing and energetic chord. Warm "base" reveals notes of cedar wood and incense.

The bottle is made of heavy glass. Its classic form is composed of pure straight lines. Large metal cover can be decorated with the monogram of the owner's own (in the order on the official website).

Custom   represented as toilet water (50 ml and 100 ml).

Author: MyCharm.ru: Lavrushina Lyudmila