Take part in the competition by ACUVUE® - win a camera
 The portal began MyCharm.ru beauty contest by ACUVUE® «Good vision changed my life." Contact lenses have changed the lives of millions of people worldwide. This is not surprising, because the vision - the most important of the five senses with which we have more than 80% of all the information about the world. When a person with imperfect eyesight begins to wear contact lenses for him as if a whole new world - a huge, bright and endlessly surprising.

Did you - one of these people?

The company Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, a manufacturer of one-day contact lenses 1 • DAY   ACUVUE® TruEye® (Wan Day Acuvue Troyes), announces a competition! Share your story about how contact lenses 1 • DAY   ACUVUE® TruEye® changed your life, have helped to reach new peaks (in work, hobbies, sports and other areas), or even given the opportunity to realize a dream! "

The authors of the three best stories will be a special prize - a camera Sony Cyber ​​Shot DSC-S2000 !

 Take part in the competition by ACUVUE® - win a camera

Remember: if you want your eyes remain healthy as long as possible, you must pass a vision test at least 1 time per year. This can be done in the salon of optics.

Only a doctor can determine the quality of your vision and find a suitable means of correction - such as contact lenses.

Do not delay care of your vision - visit your nearest salon optics today.
Addresses of the salons, you can check by phone 8800100 March 9 (toll-free in Russia).

Detailed rules of the competition - here on the portal page MyCharm.ru http://www.mycharm.ru/articles/text/? id = 3526

Good luck!

Author: Julia Gnedina