12 best anti-age tips
 Age does not mean that you have all my free time to devote to the fight against wrinkles. Treatments are still the same: cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing. There are only small differences, which change daily care.

1. Sesame oil

In the morning, massage the skin of the body with organic sesame oil. It will prompt you, activates blood circulation, provide hydration and skin a golden glow. After - a shower, washing away the oil, you cleanse the skin from dead cells, it turns gentle exfoliation, which can be done on a daily basis. Sesame oil is much lighter than other vegetable oils (such as olive oil), it does not clog pores, easily absorbed, it has a whole bunch of useful antioxidants and vitamins.

 12 best anti-age tips

2. Fish oil

Take fish oil capsules (omega 3) morning and evening. This is the best anti-age supplement. In addition to improving skin and hair, you maintain your health: strengthens the heart and immune system.

3. Concealer

Tonal foundation settles into wrinkles and makes them more visible. It is not necessary to use creams all over her face. Start with a concealer. Apply concealer to problem areas (under the eyes, seal the dark spots). A concealer on the areas where you do not hit concealer. And as a foundation - go to moisturizing toning products.

 12 best anti-age tips

4. Do not eat white sugar

The first refined product that should be avoided with age - it is white sugar. It accelerates the process of aging, because attenuates collagen bonds in the skin, this causes sagging of the skin and the appearance of premature wrinkles. If you want to sweeten food or drink - use the honey in a pinch of brown sugar.

Where to put white sugar? To the skin. When taking a shower, add in a shower gel handful of sugar, and apply this mixture on the face and body. It makes the skin clean and smooth, smooths it before makeup.

 12 best anti-age tips

5. Face mask - a mask for hands

Your skin also old, sagging, gets wrinkles. Take care of the skin of the hands with the same tenacity with which you care about the person.

For example, when doing a face mask - Apply the remnants of the mask on your hands. To apply moisturizer to the face? Do the same for the rest.

6. Massage the stress

Believe in the power of massage. It rejuvenates the body. Try reflexology and deep tissue massage. If you do not have time to visit a massage therapist, learn to at least 20 minutes a day to devote stretch muscles, meditation and deep breathing.

 12 best anti-age tips

7. Vitamin C

It is an excellent antioxidant, use face creams, the concentration of vitamin C in which at least 30%. This product helps the skin to recover from the effects of sunlight, protects from destruction by free radicals.

8. Cleaning teeth

Keep teeth white and should be aged. Firstly, as soon as possible drink coloring beverages such as coffee, tea, juice of dark berries. If you drink colored drink for an hour - the teeth will be stained if the drink quickly - the color effect will not be. Secondly, use of the day during the natural oral freshener - for example, fruit. Those which contain malic acid (strawberries, apples, grapes), acts as a natural cleanser and purifier of teeth stains and plaque.

9. Watch out for lashes

Eyelashes also, unfortunately, the skin aging, and how our hair is thinning. What to do? Care! Try, for example, a light receiving care eyelashes. When you apply at night anti-aging cream for the skin around the eyes, apply a little bit of the product on the tips of the lashes. The eyes are not irritated, because eye cream - a special product, tested by ophthalmologists. A moisturizing ingredients such creams enough.

 12 best anti-age tips

10. Youth for hair

One stylist called haircut with falling on your face torn strands of "lifting of the aging face." These hairstyles hide age puffiness, sagging skin and a clear oval face. But even age give yourself hair. Shiny and silky - this is what we should strive not only to the youth. And over the years, the hair becomes drier, thinner, break down. There is a reception - Apply at night, directly to dry the hair roots (can be damp) a little conditioner. Do not rinse! Lay the morning as usual. Generally, air-conditioning with age, even more important than washing hair.

 12 best anti-age tips

11. The glow of the skin

Try to go with heavy coats for light and luminous. These creams contain reflective particles, they glare on the skin, cover it, make wrinkles less noticeable. Apply them on the face and chest area.

12. Take care of the skin around the eyes

Face cream is too irritating the delicate skin around the eyes. Therefore, to avoid their contact with the eye area. For these sites, you must have special equipment. And day and night. As a daily eye cream choose a gel formula. Light consistency will be better absorbed and become a good basis for make-up. The skin will be fresh for the whole day.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin