How to live a long time and thus keep health
 Probably not find a single person, there is a single woman who did not want to live long and it does not get old. The elixir of eternal youth, alas, not yet invented. But the chances to preserve youth and strength into old age is almost at all.

Of course, a lot depends on heredity. So, the scientists say that if the grandparents have lived more than 80-85 years old, a chance for longevity increases dramatically. What matters and health of parents, as well as uncles and aunts.

But if you think logically, you get on the nature of good health and a dazzling beauty, you can squander them in the same way as some loafers squander fortunes of their ancestors. Especially since the health and beauty, though, and is now being bought for the money, but are not true ...

But you can not get so hot health, but it deliberately start to multiply, and in the end, to live happily ever after. In the world there are many such examples, such as Paul Bragg.

What can we do to achieve this goal?

Much depends on the environment. Unfortunately, we can not give up all together metropolitan areas and escape to live in the village. This is not required. Just spend a weekend in nature and leave. If possible, it is possible from spring to autumn live in the country. A beneficial effect even homemade flower. It should often aired his city apartment and plenty of walking. For example, take a walk in the park or park at lunchtime.

Without exercise, at least a minimum set, as long not to live. Physical inactivity significantly shortens life, no wonder the ancient Greeks claimed that the "movement - that's life." Fitness classes three times a week for 40-50 minutes is added to the experts 4-5 years of active life.

Those who want to live a long time, need to get happily married, get married, get a cat or a dog ... harmony in the marital relationship, tender words, touching, confident in the fact that there are people who understand, support, and rejoice with you, markedly rejuvenates the body . Close to it, and the impact of communication with animals. Any person is useful to take care of another being and feel the vibes of his affection, gratitude and love. All of this together adds 8-10 years of life.

Good sleep lasting 7-8 hours, also has beneficial effects on longevity, while insomnia can take 2-3 years of life.

 How to live a long time and thus keep health

Though they say that "poverty is not a vice," lack of money and the need is not the best way to reflect on life. If still not enough money, the psychologists are advised not to worry about it. Just think, where you can earn or how to cut costs. Many wise men were absolutely destitute, but they lived in harmony with oneself.

Lengthens the life of education and self-education, reading good books, crossword puzzles, friendly gatherings, the conversation over a cup of tea. Even in old age, people look youthful, if they have friends and they often support the communication.

But the rest, and especially lying down in front of TV reduces life significantly, from 4 to 6 years.

Naturally, reducing the life of strong alcohol, smoking, obesity.

Wine and chocolate in moderation useful.

Tea scientists found a beneficial effect drink, especially green. Around the coffee is still debate.

 How to live a long time and thus keep health
   It rejuvenates the body in a good mood, the mood in the positive, while discouragement, jealousy, anger, not only shorten life, but also large portions of stealing a woman's beauty, adding premature wrinkles and making the skin sluggish. Does not conflict with the environment people live 8-10 years longer.

Live longer women who adopt new technologies, enjoying all modern progress.

Ladies, give time his beloved, personal care, retain youth 10-12 years longer than mahnuvshie the hand counterparts.

And, perhaps, there is nothing that a young woman, as a sincere smile when at the same time shining eyes and smiling lips. Even rays of wrinkles formed at the same time, reminiscent of nothing else, as the ever beautiful and desirable, for all spots on it, the sun.

And nothing prevents any of us to be the sun and shine for himself and for all the people around us.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva