I am a person blinded him from what was ...
 It's hard to find a woman completely satisfied with the looks like her face. Even the recognized beauty always went out and brought to at improve - then make shorter nose, the chin is corrected. Oh and when treacherous time brings about changes - losing clarity oval, in the corners of the lips form a deep mournful groove and elastic cheeks gradually transformed into "bulldog bags", then there's a feeling akin to panic and all thoughts takes a desire to urgently fix it.

There are, of course, plastic surgery, which resolves issues dramatically, but due to various reasons, not all are willing to go under the knife, and look good, attractive all want. Hardware rejuvenation methods are not always yield sessions in the cabin take a lot of time and require significant financial outlays.

 I am a person blinded him from what was ...

Facial exercises under the tempting name - facelift, feysforming, feysbilding, facial yoga, "sculptural modeling of the face" - promises to correct many of the shortcomings, remove the signs of aging, tighten the tissues and muscles, and, moreover, all that can be said, without leaving home. The names are different, but the essence of these complexes is mainly one - "shake up" the person to give his work the muscles that we do not normally use, to relax those trapped and shortened, improve blood flow. We should not think that the exercises for the face is a new word in the science of beauty and youth. Techniques effects on facial features through special exercises there since ancient times, so everything is new, and in this case, it's just old recalled.

 I am a person blinded him from what was ...

Feysbilding - increasing muscle tone and elasticity

A modern interpretation of ancient practices, in the middle of the last century, was offered by German plastic surgeon Reinhold Benz   and he called his exercise program feysbilding (Face Building ) From the "face" - the person and the "building" - building.

Feysbilding by Benz was built on receptions of self-massage and exercise facial muscles by changing facial expressions (grimacing) in a specific sequence, and exercises for facial muscles performed by hand. The complex consists of 30 exercises, some of which are dynamic, and some - static.

Classes feysbildingom recommended to start when the first signs of skin aging and changing facial contours. Each exercise should be performed 3 times for 15 minutes in the morning, afternoon and evening. And breaks in training highly undesirable. To start classes feysbildingom be easy to massage the face, which is kind of a warm-up. Further exercises are blocks for each of the face.

 I am a person blinded him from what was ...

If you decide to independently master feysbilding, get good teaching video tutorial and learn the exercises in front of the mirror, checking the correctness of their execution. This is very important!

After a month of regular employment can expect the following results: an increase in the tone and elasticity of the muscles of the face, the disappearance (or significant decrease) in the nasolabial folds, arising from excessive muscle tension, bags under the eyes, double chin, restoration of facial contours, giving it definition, getting rid of sagging cheeks, improve skin condition.

Facelift - tightens that hangs, we remove what prevents ...

If the complex Reinhold Benz seems too complicated, try something simpler, such as selflifting (samopodtyazhka)   from Camilla Voler .

Popular French TV journalist Camilla Voler   It was a complex of simple, understandable and easy to perform exercises. Conventionally, it can be divided into 5 parts:
- Exercises to strengthen the neck (from sagging neck);
- Exercises to tighten the chin (double chin against);
- Exercises for Lips (against wrinkles around the mouth);
- Exercises for an oval face (cheek lift);
- Exercises for the eyes and the forehead (against the bags under the eyes).

And Camilla insists that the need to carry out a complex in that order - Lower (neck) - Up (forehead). For the full range of required 15 minutes and daily exercise they need only 7 minutes.

 I am a person blinded him from what was ...

Another simple, elegant and logical gymnastics faces Sophie Godard . Her gymnastics are also set out to return the passive activity of the muscles and relax too "hard-working" muscle groups. After all feature the facial muscles that some muscles work harder and faster, others are weaker and slower. In addition, we often employ the facial muscles unconsciously, absolutely no idea how it is reflected on it. Recurring reduction "intensity" of the muscles leads to the formation of facial wrinkles. Each exercise is designed for complex training specific muscle groups, and the difficulty is not to stretch those muscles, which in this case must remain relaxed. Sophie Godard taught how to do it.

Facelift (Facelifting)   - A set of exercises for the face under the same name was made up of English expert on alternative medicine, Those Robert   and beautician Sally Raysmen . Authors creatively reworked many other techniques, have created their own, and offered it to the general public, publishes books "Get rid of wrinkles for 5 minutes a day" Which quickly became popular, although about 5 minutes, it they are somewhat hasty ...

 I am a person blinded him from what was ...

Another interesting exercises under the same name - "facelift" offered Senta Maria Runge , The owner of a beauty salon in Hollywood. Her complex is built on the principle of resistance. Muscles are compared with an elastic band that stretches, holding one end and pulling it, as and when we adhere to the arm at one end, we can also stretch its elastic fibers really so slow and wide to begin the chemical process (in the muscle). Exercises give almost instant visible results if you do not see results after exercise, then you did it wrong.

Feysforming - modeling the face with Benita Kantieni

Journalist Benita Kantieni   It belongs to a system of exercises for facial rejuvenation, standing a little bit away from the main mass of facial gymnastics - Faceforming (feysforming) .

The patented method name Benita Kantieni - CANTIENICA .

If you are not afraid of difficulties and want these changes at the level of simulation entity - not just remove some NLF, but also to improve the very form of the cheeks, chin, even facial contours - a system for you. Feysforming teach you to manage your own face, the muscles in general and each muscle separately manage them in a relaxed state (without distorting the face grimaces). Much attention is paid to its methodology Benita Kantieni, correct posture and poise. She believes poor posture, along with weak flabby muscles, almost the main culprit premature aging of the face.

 I am a person blinded him from what was ...

Feysforming - very interesting and harmonious system, it can be considered energy practice, which includes elements of acupressure, visualization, yoga, and more. And it's great, it works well, it may be a bit difficult to understand, and instant results from it should not wait. But I think this is the best basis for learning how to control each muscle separately. Feysforming helps find and awaken those muscles in the face, we do not know how to control consciously. New feysforming Kantieni generally does not involve the use of arms in the gym - just muscle tension effort of thought without skin changes and correction of facial habits and clips.

Sculptural gymnastics Carol Maddzhio

One of the most famous and popular complexes developed facial gymnastics Carol Maddzhio   - American beautician and former real estate agent. This complex consists of two parts - 14 exercises for beginners and 9 higher level, for people who want to achieve even greater precision in the results, or to develop a specific area of ​​the face. Exercises Complex quite effective, and, looking at how it looks in the 60-something, it's easy to believe.

 I am a person blinded him from what was ...

However, there is the opinion of some experts that perform them without an experienced instructor is not entirely safe, it is possible to overdo it and get pinched or paralysis of some muscles. So if you decide to deal with the system Maddzhio Carol (and for others too) be careful and start with simple exercises from the basic course.

But in general, - gymnastics for the face, a good thing, a great alternative to a surgical facelift - a painless, does not take much time and money, not threatening severe consequences, even if you do something wrong. In any case, the error is a plastic surgeon will cost us much more. In addition, in the training process in the lower layers of the skin begins to efficiently produce collagen that is essential for the maintenance of elasticity, the elasticity of the skin. So in conjunction with high-quality anti-aging cosmetics, correct mode of the day, a healthy diet, exercises facial exercises can help ward off a long time problems associated with age-related changes of the face to make it more fit, young, and the skin supple and fresh.
Author: Olga Travleeva