Power anti-age
 It's great when one table going several generations: daughter, mother, grandmother ... But it's just nice in terms of positive emotions and a charge of vivacity. Nutritionists warn that the power of women must change with age, and often - almost dramatically. Then you save energy, youth and women's attractiveness for many years.

With age, the basic metabolism in a woman undergoing change, moreover, the power consumption is reduced. All this should result in the aged to come to a new menu, to another energy and nutritional value.

Indeed, over the years we are physiologically less spending power for life support. And a way of life for many is already different: if in his youth traveled to work on foot or by public transport, now a private car or taxi, someone drives up to the work of her husband. Work is becoming more sedentary, while in the store to buy what you want, because the kind of "can not afford", but it is far from what is necessary.

Two rules
Let us remember two postulates that should shape our food over the years.
First : Changes in caloric intake down.
The second : Need other products.

If the first statement is understandable (though difficult to implement at once), the second requires decoding. What did we mean when we say that with age we need new quality of the food? We remember:

 Power anti-age
 - Instead of chicken - chicken instead of veal - beef . It happens that those over 50, think: better to buy a small piece of meat, but good - veal or chicken. In fact, this is not entirely correct. After 50 it is necessary to focus not on the chicken, and the chicken, not veal, and beef, not pig, and pork. Because both chicken and veal, pig and contain a lot of purines. And in violation of purine metabolism developing gout. This disease is, by the way, can develop at a young age in the excesses in the diet foods with purines.

- Salt - under special control . This is true and in his youth, but over the years, such a rule can extend life and health. With age, increased vascular sensitivity to sodium, so that even a small increase in salt diet can lead to increased blood pressure, fluid retention (edema). Therefore it is desirable not to use salt in cooking, and add it to cooked dishes. Better yet, instead use acidic foods. For example, if you put a lemon in the soup, then you can do without salt.

- Not only salt and salt products - under control!   In addition to limiting salt should limit foods containing large amounts of sodium - semi-finished products, canned meats. In the sausage sodium 50 times greater than in the meat and the cheese - 30 -50 times longer than in the curd. The canned significantly more sodium than in natural products. Especially this rule to remember people with hereditary predisposition to hypertension.

- The ban on milk in age is wrongful   There are specialists who do not recommend that women aged drinking milk .  Remember the book Paul Bragg, there is this idea very clearly traced .  But it is hardly worth it to stick to this council .  The fact that with age in women not only changes the exchange process, but the hormone is reduced estrogen production .  To this background did not develop osteoporosis need more calcium .  In general, one can not say that milk is harmful .  Milk is necessary at any age - and in infancy, and when a woman is nursing mothers and elderly years .  Gynecologists say that after 35 years, women still have to take hormones and to better absorb calcium and osteoporosis was not .  What about hormones is best to consult with your doctor, and foods rich in calcium, should be increased in the diet after 35 years without any fear .  If the milk is difficult to digest because of the lack of enzymes (and wrote about it all the same Bragg), it is replaced by milk products, cheese .

- Cholesterol is minimized . For the prevention of atherosclerosis is necessary to reduce the amount of foods rich in cholesterol. What is cholesterol? It is found in animal fat. Incidentally, in the vegetable oil it has never been and can not be. Increasingly, nutritionists say that almost all of us have an overabundance of cholesterol. It really is. But at the same time, cholesterol is important at any age - and the young, and on average, and in the elderly. Without cholesterol a person can not exist. Our bodies can produce it yourself. And there is a relationship: if a lot of cholesterol comes from food, the less self-produced, and vice versa.

Therefore, cholesterol is necessary, but in a minimal amount. It is contained in fat, fatty meat, butter. And not to excess cholesterol is deposited in blood vessels as atherosclerotic plaques, with age, the amount of animal fat is reduced. If the power of a young woman proportion of vegetable fats is 20-25 percent, after 40 years the share of vegetable fats should account for 30-50 percent already. Can be prepared so that the portion left of cholesterol products, for example in the broth. For example, if Soup - the secondary broth. That is, we put the meat into the water, brought to a boil, boil for 10 minutes, then pour the broth, the meat is washed and again the bay clean water, cook until done.

- Fats - just useful . In general, all the fat high-calorie. One gram of that plant that animals that fish, contains nine calories. Therefore, according to this principle choose between plant, animal and fish oils is difficult. However, fish oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids of the Omega 3 family, which are essential for normal metabolic processes in our body. The greatest number of these acids - in mackerel, sardines and herring iwashi. This refers to the frozen fish instead of salted or smoked. The fish, like meat, better to boil or cook for a couple. Why is not recommended to fry? Because excess fat not only leaves the fish, but instead absorbed. In addition, at high temperatures to decompose fats harmful to the body. Therefore, fried fish, you can only have a young and active people.

- Do not get carried away mindlessly diets   In general, it is necessary to warn that any drastic diet - not for women age .  Often, they can only do harm .  For example, so-called "separation of power", which is passionate about women in the age, trying to reduce the calorie content of their meals .  It's a trap! In fact, no products that would contain only carbohydrates, but only fats or proteins, with the exception of refined sugar and fat .  Any product plant and animal origin - that fats and proteins and carbohydrates .  On the other hand, this theory has a base .  There are products that better not be combined with each other, as they are digested worse .  For example, a person anemia - not enough iron in the body .  Its main supplier - the meat is better absorbed in an acidic environment .  If you eat meat with sour sauce and even drink pomegranate juice, the positive effect will be greater than if you drink milk .  Although separate nutrition is simply incomprehensible recommendations .  For example, it is recommended to use milk, milk products with grains .  For centuries, people were eating bread with milk .  Our ancestors noticed that the combination of milk and cereal most optimal for good health .  The fact that the protein - is an amino acid, and they are absorbed in a certain ratio to one another .  In animal protein products balanced amino acid composition, and in plant no .  Therefore, protein from cereals to digest bad, but when combined with milk its assimilation improves dramatically .  Therefore always kneaded bread in milk or buttermilk and oatmeal cooked in water and milk .  The same can be said of the recommendation not to eat cucumber salad with tomatoes .  If the cucumbers with tomatoes cook and eat immediately, they will only benefit, but if you leave from breakfast to dinner, the askorbinoza destroys vitamin C and the use of such a salad is reduced .

 Power anti-age
 - Fruits various important . The assertion that it is necessary to give preference to fruit and vegetables from the region in which you live, and eat them in season - to put it mildly, not very true. Why we do not eat bananas, they a good combination with sodium, potassium, or grapes, which is in the middle lane is not growing. A melon? Or green beans, which reduces sugar in the body, it is useful in any form - fresh, frozen, canned. Of course, it is better to use fresh ingredients, but not in all regions of Russia there is such possibility. It is not necessary to give up any vegetables and fruits.

- At least three times . With regard to the number of meals a day, there is the recommendation for women aged can be completely the same as the young. And at 20, and 50 have to eat at least three times a day, but it's better if it's five times - with a snack between breakfast and dinner. Very important it is, four hours before bedtime, or insulin levels remain high overnight and will inhibit fat breakdown. That is, figuratively speaking, all that day ate at night turn into fat. Two meals will not do. We must understand that our body is adapted to a variety of stresses, including food.

Again on caloric
Remember the first rule that we have brought to power the women aged? You're just like a certain advertising, to clarify "how many hang in grams," or rather, in calories. On average, per kilogram of ideal body weight at light loads require 30-35 calories, if exercise more - it 35-40. In the 20-30 years of 2300-2400 calories required, 40-50 - already 2100-2200. Another thing is that with age, it is necessary to reduce the caloric content of food. The average energy consumption of modern man make 2000-2500 kcal per day. Since the age reduced basal metabolic rate, energy consumption, and the caloric intake should be reduced.

Sample Diet for women 50
Author diet - Nina Samokhina, PhD. She adheres to this power, and this diet helped her personally, not only to remain young and sprightly 53 years old, but also assist in getting rid of such diseases as coronary heart disease, preinfarction angina, hypertension, chronic lung inflammation, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, hormone allergy .

Morning. Immediately after waking up - a glass of infusion of dried fruits. Then - a set of exercises for thirty minutes, after - dousing with cold water or wiping snow.

Breakfast. Green tea infusion with the rest of the dried fruits, yogurt or homemade yogurt. A bit of fruit in season. Three to five a handful of walnuts or hazelnuts, pre-soaked, sprouts sunflower seeds.

Lunch. Seasonal vegetables, porridge (buckwheat, millet, oats or brown rice), boiled in water to which add two tablespoons of germinated grains of wheat and rye and a full tablespoon of ground flax seed. Drink brew of sage with a spoon of house wine or yogurt (in the summer with a set of garden herbs, nasturtium and calendula flowers in winter with cumin and dried herbs, present a night). After dinner - one teaspoon paste of seaweed.

Snack. At about five o'clock - tea with honey or a piece of chocolate, cocoa sometimes water or cedar jelly. Prepare a lotion. Soak half a cup of pine nuts for six hours. Put them in a blender, pour two cups of boiled there, or filtered water and beat with a mixer operating at high speed for two minutes. Then strain. Just prepare almond and sesame milk or milk of sunflower seedlings. It can be used as a standalone drink or mixed with any fruit in a blender, add tea, cocoa, cereal.

Dinner. Any dish of vegetables in season, be sure to 2-3 cloves of garlic with rye bread. At first: summer hash with all that is in the garden, in the soy or pea kvass, seasoned with yogurt, winter - soup, vegetarian soup or fish ear, most of the heads of red fish. On the second: any protein dish (salted fish with lemon, chops pickled bean sprouts, a piece of meat or boiled fish with pickled vegetables, braised liver, cheese with a slice of lemon). While eating soy drink brew with a spoon of house wine. For dessert: a handful of sunflower sprouts and a teaspoon of paste of seaweed.

When guests come, then, of course, diet is broken, but drinks containing enzymes can not be excluded, it can only replace natural brew beer or wine. Herbal products have passed the fermentation process, ie fermentation: wine, brew, milk products, natural vinegar (grape, apple), pickled vegetables and fruit - a pantry of enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals with healing properties.

Dear women! Be healthy! We hope you will take some of the recommendations in the review. The article cited an interview with Helen partly Chedia, dietitian Clinic Institute of Nutrition, candidate of medical sciences.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin