Rejuvenation Light
 Experts believe that in the light technologies in cosmetology future.

Photorejuvenation - is the removal of dead cells of the surface layer of the skin that occurs with the help of flashlights. This method allows you to actually update the skin and remove the defects without disrupting the surface. The therapeutic effect performed by a light beam which slides across the skin and gently affect its underlying layers. The light penetrates deep into the dermal layer of skin aging, thereby fibroblasts are activated and begin to produce collagen intensively.

Indications fotoprotseduram

With rejuvenation is possible to solve the following problems:

• freckles;

• age spots;

• porosity;

• fine wrinkles;

• expanded vessels;

• gray complexion;

• excessive redness of the skin;

• solar keratosis (pigmentation disorders due to excessive tanning);

• acne;

• increased oiliness of the skin;

• decreased skin elasticity;

• unwanted tattoos;

• vascular "stars";

• loose, sagging skin.

Interesting!   When photorejuvenation are stimulated in the skin, which fade with age, resulting in the skin becomes more elastic, there is its lifting.

Technical issues

The method of rejuvenation is absolutely not dangerous, as it stimulates the proliferation at the physiological level, so complications are excluded.

 Rejuvenation Light
 In the area of ​​treatment of cooling gel is applied (for sensitive skin), and the eyes from glare protect sunglasses. Smooth tip gently touches the device problem areas, affecting soft light pulses, is not affected by the surface of the dermis. During the procedure, you can feel a slight tingling.

Immediately after the procedure the skin smeared with a special cream - and a few days it should be protected from similar damaging factors - that is, from the sun. Redness and scaling of the skin after a troubled session rejuvenation takes place in a few hours, that is the usual way of life is not disturbed.

Length   - About 30 minutes.

A course of treatment   - 4-6 procedures within six months.

The frequency of treatments   - Once in 4-5 weeks.

Visible clinical effect   It appears after the third session.

Important!   Luminous flux is chosen strictly individually.

The benefits of photorejuvenation

Photorejuvenation, enhances the effect of the majority of salon treatments well with mesotherapy, chemical peels, microdermabrasion. Experts believe that in the light technologies in the field of medicine and cosmetics in particular - the future. Such techniques are not traumatic, not painful, can solve several problems at once, do not require a long rehabilitation and are not accompanied by all sorts of complications.


• malignancies;

• severe course of essential hypertension;

• eye disease;

• pregnancy;

• a very dark or very tan skin.
Author: Inna Sedykh