Staying slim after 40: questions of strategy and tactics
 Staying slim and attractive at any age, and when 40, 60 and when - the natural desire of every woman. But then, what happens when a young man most of us have a good enough and slender figure, though without much effort, the age exactly the same, most gains weight and certain postural problems. What's the matter - in the natural programmed to the body, lifestyle, poor nutrition, genetic predisposition or psychological features? And most importantly - how to deal with this problem?

Where does the slimness
Yes, indeed, with the age of the woman it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the harmony of shapes. Weakens the spine, lost somewhere muscle, lose the mobility of joints, well, the main thing that threatens the female figure (especially after 40 years), - fat, though they acquire critical hazards occur in those places where the least we need - waist and abdomen.

To deal with this unfortunate phenomenon is quite difficult, because it is associated with the natural changes that occur with age in the female body. Slows down the level of metabolic processes, there is hormonal changes, reduced physical activity, and measured and monotonous life that most women started about forty years, is not conducive to energetic fat burning.

The Greek word for "metabolite" means "transformation," the metabolism is the metabolism, roughly speaking, the transformation of the body into food substances that provide our livelihoods. Speaking of good metabolism, often mean flow rate of metabolic processes. According to experts, women after 30 years of metabolism falls by 2-3% every 10 years, and as a result reduced and fat burning ability.

And then there's just at that period the hormonal changes the body .  Gradually reduce the level of estrogen in the blood begin to dominate the male hormones and the redistribution of body fat occurs male type, that is the main fat is stored in the middle of the body .  Moreover, the body reacts to the decline in estrogen that is trying to get it out of the fat cells, which he has to store more and more .  At the same time reduced and the amount of the hormone testosterone .  This important hormone is not only responsible for sexual attraction, but also plays an important role in the regulation of fat and the ratio of muscle mass in the body, it stimulates the build-up of muscle and bone tissue, and for this purpose uses fat, turning it into energy .  The loss of the female body of testosterone manifests itself in a sharp decrease in muscle mass .  The smaller the muscles, the lower the fat is burned, and the more it is delayed . 

So what to do now? Accept and sad to see how vanishes waist appear fat rolls on his back and sides, gait changes, there is shortness of breath ...? No way!

Reduce the calorie
  If in 30 years you eat in a day, for example, 1,000 calories, the body successfully burned 700 of them, and all accumulated already about 300 to 45 years, everything is exactly the other way around, so that the caloric content of food, and of sizes portions, respectively, have strategically cut.

In addition, try the maximum to include in your diet foods that contain a lot of fiber and liquids, as well as whole grains, such as oatmeal with brown or brown rice, porridge of whole grains, pasta, whole wheat flour, bread from wheat flour and so hereinafter.

For breakfast will be useful dishes from foods containing calcium - fresh cottage cheese, low-fat cheese, yogurt, cream, nuts, broccoli, kale, turnip greens, sardines and salmon. Do not forget the protein - a building material for muscle tissue. Natural meats, seafood, beans - must be present in the menu, better if during lunch.

The most important thing - to eat in moderation, balanced and compensate for the deficiency of vitamins and nutrients. As a last resort, and if you want to take multivitamins and supplements, but it's better if they enter the body in the form of food, not pills. Honey and dried fruits can help provide your body with essential vitamins and minerals.

Difficult question: whether to give up dessert? Method bans and violence never leads to good results. So, let's say, if you can not give up the dessert, then do not give up. Just gradually shifting your selection of dessert in favor of a less sweet, less fat and less calories.

 Staying slim after 40: questions of strategy and tactics
 The movement harmony and health
Muscles - this is the best "machine" for fat burning, the more often and more intensively they will be involved, the higher the rate of general metabolism of the body. Proven to increase muscle mass 2 kg speeds up the metabolism by 10%, so physical activity and regular exercise (of course feasible) - the surest way to improve metabolism and the best prevention of excessive fullness. But, in addition, exercise classes, probably the only chance to save for years to come beautiful posture, flexible, healthy spine in this age of the labor office, when most women spend their working day sitting at a computer, working with documents, etc.

A healthy spine - a necessary condition for a beautiful and slim figure. Age-related changes, which are subject to our vertebrae begin after 20 years and the only way to stop the degradation of the spine - to ensure it hard enough and diverse load. If you have not previously engaged in activities that do not harm their health, training, start with the minimum load.

To improve posture, strengthen muscles, making the joints moving, engage in fitness or kind - Pilates. Yoga is another effective and enjoyable way to give back in order at any age. Stretch marks, static postures and movements help control the smooth muscle corset and spread the intervertebral discs.

 Staying slim after 40: questions of strategy and tactics
 To build muscle, try to combine weight training with aerobics. Many absolutely wrong think that strength training is only suitable for men. Women strength training is just as important as men. Strength training for women, it is true, to a lesser extent than men, affect the growth of muscle mass and significantly reduces the percentage of fat tissue. So, if you want to burn fat and and strengthen the muscular system, pay attention to the dumbbells and other fitness machines. Especially that lifting weights strengthens bones and helps prevent osteoporosis, a common age-related diseases.

Use every opportunity to movement - walk, ignore the elevator and go up the stairs on foot, take part in trekking, hiking, dancing, finally! Any movement to the music burn almost the same amount of calories as most physical exercises.

A comprehensive approach on this issue, a moderate and balanced diet plus physical activity, can work wonders.

What needs to be done ...
No matter how much grief did not bring us out of place appeared fat on the abdomen and waist, do not try to fix the position of starvation. The fact is that to lose weight, give up eating at some time, probably, be able to, but first of all it touches not slimming problem areas (stomach, waist), and face. On the thinner face are visible even small wrinkles, and themselves hollow cheeks, sunken eyes, flabby skin looks quite attractive.

Often grown thin woman of mature age are forced to return discarded kilograms, only to look younger. In addition, trying to lose weight at any cost, we can cause irreparable harm to their health, because the decline in the production of sex hormones by the ovaries, their function assumes it is the fat layer, and persistent attempts to get rid of fat will lead to a worsening of symptoms such as insomnia, fever, skin problems.

Not out and experimenting with different diets. Diet (any), designed for a certain period, it provokes the feeling of hunger and discomfort that starts in the body a kind of defense mechanism, the essence of which is to reduce energy consumption. Activity metabolism decreases. After completion of the diet we are back to a normal diet, but the body, especially in adulthood, so no time to move quickly and still slowly burns calories. The result is extra weight, which lose their own efforts very difficult.

Being slim and toned at any age is possible and necessary! So, reviewing diet to decrease calories and optimal composition of a meal, looking for ways to enhance metabolism, increase energy consumption, try to make your life more interesting and varied. You will succeed!
Author: Olga Travleeva