The age makeup
 Every woman changed over the years. Alas, it is impossible to preserve youthfulness. Some of our favorite actress on television prove - such an attempt ends in failure. Age must be respected, and the need to enjoy life. Every time off. How to treat a woman old enough makeup?

Often, women with age generally refuse makeup - limited to hygienic procedures. It is not right. Commerce now offers the broadest range of cosmetics. You can choose the means appropriate to any inquiries and requirements.

Some ladies somehow suddenly switching to more bright colors: dark color hair, black eyebrows and bright lipstick. From the side it is clear that this solution is rarely successful.

Meets another option. This is a conservative approach to make-up, when a woman carefully adjusts itself under the image created once. Over the years, changing the color and type of skin, oval face, wrinkles appear, puffiness around the eyes. A woman in a purse all the same pearly shade of bright blue, black eyeliner and pencil instead of the threads of the eyebrows. It is unjustifiable tactics.

First of all, you need to see critical changes occurring with skin and facial features to make adjustments to the usual techniques of makeup.
Impartial look at their problems will help in time to change the familiar palette of decorative cosmetics more appropriate in connection with the change.

So If you are over ...

- It is an occasion to thoroughly learn about the latest cosmetic market and explore its range.

- If possible, get the advice of an experienced make-up artist. He will recommend to you the optimal color scheme will help to master the techniques of applying make-up, based on the individual characteristics of your face.

- It is better to buy a minimum required makeup, but of the highest quality at affordable price range for you. An adult woman can look noble and luxurious at the same time.

- It is necessary to clearly separate the day and evening (holiday) makeup.

- Happy enough to create the appearance of freshness of the skin: Apply a nourishing cream with photoprotective effect, to take advantage of friable powder, tint lipstick natural shades. If desired, add expressive eyes with mascara, or a stick.

- Evening makeup requires careful execution, requires consideration of all facial features, allows more expressive colors.

I think we should make out more recommendations beauticians   Decent women age.

Before applying make-up skin requires a complex preparation. The skin should be thoroughly cleaned, wipe the tonic. Then apply a nourishing and moisturizing cream. It is best to use a cream with lifting effect, it will tighten the skin. Around the eyes and on the eyelids we put a special anti-aging cream for the area of ​​the face.

And now to make up.

Eyebrows . Naturally, a clear line of sight can revitalize eyebrows, give a person expressiveness. In no case do not tweeze eyebrows threaded or stained in black, heavy color. Eyebrows require external light fittings endings. Use a pencil similar in color to your natural. And gently comb it. It's enough.

The facial skin . Mask wrinkles and large pores completely impossible. To make them less visible - is quite feasible task. First applied to the skin liquid foundation makeup, preferably silicone based. Base fills irregularities and makes wrinkles less relief. The basis of the best to choose from the reflective effect. It will revive the person, give freshness.

If necessary, use a proofreader, but remember, the abundance of colors will weight makeup can accentuate age.

Tone Cream necessarily have to choose liquid soft texture, do not fix wrinkles. Do not stop at the front range of matting agent. They make mature skin lifeless, rough. It is better if the foundation has the effect of light shines.

You can use instead of loose powder foundation. Dubbing tone powder coating layer may be heavier make-up.

Toners, it is desirable to choose so that they match the skin tone, at least, were a little lighter. The dark tone, as well as sunburn, the skin ages, it should be remembered.

Eyes.   Shiny pearl shadow, the shadow of bright neon colors, it is better to exclude from its arsenal. You can apply a layer of cream shadows neutral natural shades, as a basis, and on top - with satin texture finish: lighter tone on all eyelid, mobile eyelid to cover more saturated tones, the outer corner of the century highlight slightly darker tone palettes.

It is important to well-feathered inflicted shadows and do not abuse their number. Ink use of good quality, without lumps and a touch of dark crumbling under the lower eyelid. Look closely at the color ink: gray, dark brown, blue. Depending on the preferred eye color and make-up color scheme.

Blush.   No need to burden the makeup, applying blush profusely. It is better not to use dark blush brown tint. Light touch brush the top of the cheekbones, the closer to the center, will be enough. And be sure to shade well. Blush should be just a little to revive the person and not to decorate.

Lips.   Choosing lipstick, avoid fatty, pearl, with a strong luster. This lipstick willingly spreads over the fine lines around the lips. Lips better circle contour shade him from the edge to the center of the lips, and then fill the entire surface with a layer of lipstick effect slightly moist lips or silk. Color is better to pick individually. It is better that it was natural colors close to natural, but that does not mean that the lips should be pale. The natural brightness, without departing from the natural - that is the aim of spectacular makeup for elegant woman, confident.

Lady decent age can not afford to neglect makeup. Only thoughtful touches of color and harmony. And pamper yourself the best gifts cosmetologists. Autumn should be golden!
Author: Tamara Rozinsky