The struggle for the youth
 As long as possible to remain young and attractive - this is the dream of every woman, but often we are to blame for premature aging. So what to do and what not to do to avoid early age-related changes?

Unfortunately, the dream of eternal youth and remains a dream, despite all the advances of medicine .  However, if the science is not yet can reverse the aging process, the slow "age" clock it is quite capable .  Now there are many effective treatments and salon funds for home care that would "preserve" your beauty .  However, even those that provide most of the positive result, care activities may fail due to your personal behavior that can be characterized as a crime against their own youth, and not otherwise! So, what are we doing this, in our opinion harmless, which can lead to tragic consequences, such as premature aging? The answer to this question may be very voluminous: it's bad habits, and abuse of sunbathing and solarium, and improper use of cosmetics, and poor nutrition, etc. . d .  and t . P .  Here are some tips to help you turn back the clock!

 The struggle for the youth

1. Down with bad habits!

How would it not sound corny, smoking and alcohol - the two main enemy of beauty that spoil not only the appearance, but also undermine health. Additionally, when smoking a cigarette or tasting cocktail through a tube may occur around lip radial lines that we are not to face.

2. Wear protective clothing!

Ultraviolet - and friend and enemy of man, it all depends on the dose of radiation and personal physiological characteristics. Therefore, never neglect the sunscreen, including using cosmetics with SPF-filters. Try to always wear quality sunglasses, preferably larger, to the maximum to protect the delicate eye area. And be careful with sun deck!

 The struggle for the youth

3. Caution: peeling!

In the fight for the purity and youthfulness of the skin, we often try to exfoliate the skin, carry out the procedure of home peels more than 1 time per week. As a result of such "barbaric" treatment of the skin with constant microdamages loses its protective function. And as a result - pimples, irritation, peeling, flabbiness, etc. Try to use scrubs with abrasive particles of medium or small size. If you have very sensitive skin, you should very carefully select the exfoliating agent with AHA- acids. In addition, after the peeling procedure be sure to use a quality moisturizing preparations.

4. Less facial expressions!

Active facial expressions ("a smile from ear to ear," inflating the lips, eyebrows vskidyvaniem etc.) have very negative consequences, lead to the appearance of facial wrinkles, get rid of them is much more difficult than their age peers. Strange as it did not seem wildly at first, try to control your emotions, avoiding excessive tension and stress skin. Be sure to use cosmetic products containing retinol, which helps to smooth and strengthen the skin.

 The struggle for the youth

5. We do not need "panda eyes"!

If we are constantly three of our eyes, it is a recipe for dark circles, wrinkles and stretched the skin under the eyes. If you already have the results of such treatment, so to speak, "on the face", then you need to start applying means with retinol-A, which strengthens and brightens the skin under the eyes. For these purposes, you can use different masks for the eyes, which are now sold in a large range, for the prevention of premature wrinkles.

6. Struggling with the stress!

Stress is known to be the main enemy of youth and health. According to scientific research, during stress the organism takes the skin over a third of all the nutrients and "forwards" them more important, in his view, the authorities. Unfortunately, at a furious pace metropolis can not always find the time to relax and recover from stress, but the delay in the care of the face can lead to very dire consequences. If there is no time for complete relaxation, the beauticians recommend a special anti-stress combined with daily makeup facial massage, which significantly improves blood circulation, so that cosmetics are absorbed better and act more effectively.

 The struggle for the youth

Author: Inna Sedykh