Beautiful hair from Jennifer Aniston
 No one is inspired by the American public as Jennifer Aniston in the TV series "Friends." Her famous thick head of hair has become the envy of many girls and women. Straight or wavy locks of curls - it never ceased to amaze the audience. We asked stylist Jennifer - John Masters, owner of The John Masters Salon, New York City, to share the secrets of a perfect star hairstyle.

Step 1.   If you have dyed hair like Aniston, use a moisturizing shampoo. If not - you'll like shampoo for normal hair. Take advantage of special air conditioning that did not aggravate your curls and make it smooth and silky.

Step 2.   Dry hair with a towel, then put on the roots of a means for volume. Combing their sparse comb and making a perfect parting, you are creating unnecessary rigor. To be refined, should let the hair look natural.

STEP 3.   It is recommended to dry your hair in a natural way, beating them with your fingertips. But do not start creating hairstyles on wet hair, so the shortage of time, use a hairdryer.

Step 4.   Start modeling tip, curling of a round brush. Achieve that they hung down in neat waves. You can walk a few times a brush, mind you, but it is important that the entire length of the hair was straight, and only at the ends - wavy.

Step 5.   Rub the wax in your hands, then spread it on the strands so that they are smooth and even. If you are by nature obedient to straight hair, you can skip this final touch, that is the result of consolidation.