Beauty Secrets from "Desperate Housewives" or look like Eve, Nicoletta, Teri and March. Part 2
 They conquered the hearts of women on both sides of the ocean. How do they manage to remain always so attractive? Here they are - the beauty secrets of "Desperate Housewives."

Mystery Marcia Cross

Among the most famous stars Marsh is known for her porcelain skin. But in their 43 star keeps the skin a smooth and supple? Daily Marcia uses cream superuvlazhnyayuschy Luxury Crème de la Mer. Only after using this tool, it does tonal foundation and powder. Thus, the skin remains constant gentle and soft. Lip glosses, it uses a series of Dessert Beauty.

Hair, like Ms. Cross

Newsweek magazine reported that refused to pose in March 2004 in the form of a woman-vamp, she does not like to obey the instructions to show themselves. But if you want to achieve such an image, like a star, you should straighten your hair, dry them hairdryer, curling the ends with a round brush. Or you can use curling irons, it is one of the easiest and fastest option.

Secrets of Nicollette Sheridan

Us Weekly insists that Nicolette spends money on a monthly facial treatments, each of which costs $ 200 per cabin LA's Jim Wayne. These massages allow to keep dry and sensitive, according to the cosmetician Octavia Ellington, Nicolette skin. For her blond hair stylist Jim Wayne uses a strategy of "young, sexy, pungency." Stylists who worked for the "Desperate Housewives", used all shades of pink, which is so fond of Jessica Simpson.

Whether or not there? People always ask, "Do you have plastic Sheridan? ". "She lay down whether Sheridan under the knife when the years have taken the upper hand? "Liz Smith constantly reproached star that her beauty is not natural, but Sheridan has denied all allegations of this kind. She even turned to a plastic surgeon Frank Ryan, who has not found on the body of the star no scar, revealing the plastic. Thus, the dispute between Sheridan Smith and resolved.