Beauty Secrets from "Desperate Housewives" or look like Eve, Nicoletta, Teri and March. Part 1
 The Company experienced a great way to understand that women over 40 still attractive. Hollywood finally took that same lady sexy at any age. Starting with "Desperate Housewives," America is coming to the delight of middle-aged women. How to look great when you are away for 30, 40? .. We have gathered all the tips of magazines, television, and some stellar stylists and summarize them for you.

Teri Hatcher Secret of Beauty

The American magazines regularly report about various secrets Teri. After she knocked 40 and further, for it has become a slogan saying "less - better." Teri Now you can see with a minimum of makeup, but she looks great. Her stylist Don Melot explains that it uses the radiance of the skin means a small glimmering particles. To her brown eyes shining, is to add a little shadow color of milk chocolate.


Despite the fact that the nature of Hatcher wavy golden hair, she prefers to straighten them. Teri has not changed himself and handing the "Golden Globe", showing off their perfectly smooth locks. Ever since it became possible to straighten hair, Melot Hatcher uses Redken Spray Starch.

How to look 30 when you are over 40 ?! InStyle magazine published photos Hatcher 1986, now it really looks fresh. Maybe its ability to pay in a simple elegant - it's one of the signs of prosperity.

What can be said about the plastic? Periodicals US Hatcher constantly placed in the chair of Plastic Surgeons. However, this is not true. The star made the correction of the nose, and in April 2006 was listed on Botox injections, that is, perhaps, her operation of the plan.

Eva Longoria   31 in its looks like a young girl of 20 years. How did she do it? First, Eve, as Hatcher, knows that the main thing - do not overdo the makeup. Instead of different quantity, the star takes quality. It uses mostly golden brown shade and well-known brands.

The main ways to look younger:   demonstrate their charming eyes, plump lips - everything is consistent with the trends of the season. Do not forget about the slender legs. But it is important not to put a lot of tonal resources, it looks very unnatural.