Festive image of Jennifer Lopez
 We will tell you how to achieve gorgeous image that surprises surrounding the famous J. Lo.

Perhaps her taste and style do not always correspond to high fashion, but the choice Jen is constant and stable. Lopez always emphasizes femininity, choosing light flickering and smoky shades, giving preference to those that produce its specific features. If you Hoth closer to the star in her charm, follow the advice offered by the stylist Jennifer Lopez - Sonia Kashuk. Its recommendations are based on natural, so make sure that the moisturizer you use, really suits your skin type, the main thing - do not forget the lip balm. After this kind of preparation, you can begin to make-up.

Step 1.   Apply a few peas makeup base. Please note that funds have been enough, but not too much. If you have a smooth skin, you should only lightly mask the imperfections or flaws that you confuse. If required, you can apply a little equalizer on the eye to hide dark circles. Do not use the powder as a base.

Step 2. Before using shadows, apply on the eyelids little tonal framework or base under makeup. Then use a light shade of shadows. After their spread, remove excess makeup with a cotton pad.

STEP 3.   Use a pencil or light cream shades shining, distributing them in the corners of his eyes. You can then apply a shimmering powder to give a person a light shine and elegance.

Step 4.   Bend the lashes, then apply several layers of black mascara. To emphasize the eyes, use liquid eyeliner, draw lines around the eyes. You can also try to highlight the lash line.

Step 5.   If necessary, use an eyebrow pencil. However, it should be noted that the tone should be on four shades lighter than hair color, then your eyebrows will not be too strict and will remain grace. You can also use a brush to the hair lie flat.

Step 6.   To cheeks were pale, cream blush, apply a natural pink hue, rubbing their finger tips to the hairline. Creamy texture blush can distribute them evenly, so the cheekbones look more natural.

Step 7.   Move the lips dark brown liner, then apply a clear gloss or cream.