Hair by Sarah Jessica Parker
 You can not take his eyes off the heroine Sarah Jessica Parker in the TV series "Sex and the City"? Indeed, her naughty but very sexy curls lead not only men but also many women overjoyed.

Her stylist Kevin Murphy explains that Jessica's special charm, but if you try, you can achieve the desired. If you have medium length hair and natural waves, you do not have to exert much effort to keep their hair in a wonderful way.

Step 1.   Get started with a clean, damp hair. Divide into four equal parts. It is worth noting that the share hair is best in line with the existing parting. Secure with crabs strands so that they are apart from each other.

Step 2.   First of all the central strands of curls, twirling them in curlers (if required) and raspryskivaya Styling. Then do the same with the rest.

STEP 3.   With the dryer, preferably cold air, dry hair for 15 minutes.

Step 4.   Let them settle down a bit, remove the crab, then dry the next strand.

Step 5. Use your fingers to separate the curls and a little whisk them. Spread a small amount of gel over the entire length of the hair, fixing the hairstyle.

Step 6.   To become obedient tips, use any means, causing him only at the end.