... I want to look like Gisele Bundchen
 It is said that the Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen at the age of 14 years found "talent scouts" eating the burgers at McDonald's. By 2006, "Forbes" magazine named her the highest paid model in the world.

Her huge blue eyes fraught with coolness and vitality, dark skin and unusual shapes make graceful Giselle modern sorceress. Her palette - a bronze, sand and peach tones. Stylist Deborah Grayson tells us the secrets of celebrity makeup.

Step 1.   Start with a light moisturizer, wait a few minutes, allowing the cream to seep into the pores before using cosmetics.

Step 2.   Using a wet sponge, apply a little tonal framework at the places that require adjustments (only note that it was not greasy).

STEP 3.   Use your fingertips to apply all the same basis in the eye to hide the unwanted dark circles under the eyes.

Step 4.   Lower the fan-shaped brush in translucent powder, shake off excess and apply to the face, creating a barely visible outline.

Step 5.   The same brush spread sand or bronze blush, rubbing them up.

Step 6.   Thus the brush four times, then you will add a nice shade his cheeks.

Step 7.   Next, decide with your eyebrows: Adjust using the bending dark and white eyeliner. If you can not give the desired shape brows, Gisele recommends using the stencil, then you will get exactly the result that you like.

Step 8.   Move the eyes dark pencil or a coffee with a fine brush. Following the example of Giselle, to do the line as close to the lash line, then the eyes will look more expressive.

Step 9.   The same brush and the same shade of coffee, use the line for the lower lashes, you do not even need to re-select the color.

Step 10.   With oval brush, apply on the eyelids reddish-brown shade and distribute them.

Step 11.   Using a cotton swab, remove excess makeup around the eyes.

Step 12.   Apply two coats of dark brown mascara.

Step 13.   Move the lip pencil skin color.

Step 14.   Use a lip brush to apply a translucent shiny lip gloss peach shade.