I want to look like Madonna ...
 She has an innate vigor and calmness, but the main feature of which is able to charm everyone - and the ability to be transformed before my eyes. Madonna so close to people, that it seems as if we know her personally.

Her book, written for children is recognized by experts as a benefit for their care. Madonna looks childish soft round cheeks, blond eyebrows, pink lips. Here are some tricks make up the stars, who shared a stylist Deborah Grayson.

Step 1.   Give your eyebrows the perfect shape with the help of tweezers, special brush and eyeliner, correcting deficiencies.

Step 2.   Apply with your fingers light beige eye cream on the eyelid and the eyebrows.

STEP 3.   With the help of a round brush, apply smoky eye shadows and evenly distribute them.

Step 4.   The same shadows highlight the lash line so as to maintain a smoky hue.

Step 5.   Draw a thin line of eyeliner along the lash line. You can do more layers, the more intense is this thin line, so your eyes are expressive.

Step 6.   Apply dark brown mascara for volume, giving lashes fabulous bend. Paint over the cilia from the roots to the tips.

Step 7.   On top of the usual waterproof mascara can be used as Madonna arrives. Then your make-up will continue for much longer.

Step 8.   Apply a mild lotion for the face, paying special attention to problem areas.

Step 9.   Use a light texture tonal foundation to hide imperfections, especially in the area of ​​the nose and chin.

Step 10.   Use your fingertips to spread the pink blush, so you select the line of cheekbones.

Step 11.   To tone went smoothly over the cream blush, with a special brush, apply a light pinkish loose powder.

Step 12.   Using a lip brush, gently apply a coral-pink lipstick. Then dab her lips and nakraste second time.