I want to look like ... Eva Mendes
 These plump lips! These alluring hip! And, of course, expressive eyes! We admire this brilliant game of the actress on the screen and in the campaign Revlon. She prefers soft pink and copper-gold palette. Stylist Deborah Grayson tells us about some of the secrets of make-up stars.

Step 1.   Using a soft round brush for shadows, apply in the corners of the eyes and the eyebrows a little closer to the pearly white shadow.

Step 2.   With oval brush, apply to the entire eyelid with a light brown shade of silvery hue.

STEP 3.   You will need the same oval brush with shadows to highlight the lower eyelid. To make the liner evenly, gently brush swipe at the lower lash line.

Step 4.   For the next step, use a round brush with a copper-red or copper-brown shadows, distributing them in a semicircle on the outer century. The make-up is based on the idea of ​​combining shades of brown to give a full complete image.

Step 5.   With dark brown eyeliner top cilia move. Extend the line slightly beyond the outer edges of the century.

Step 6.   Use dark brown lengthening mascara.

Step 7.   Adjust the bend eyebrow, using a white pencil, holding it over the entire length and create a form that is needed. Remember that the important thing is not how dark eyebrows, but how beautiful their shape.

Step 8.   To prepare your skin for foundation, use the cleaning wipes that remove excess makeup from the face.

Step 9.   Using a special sponzhik, apply foundation, which masks dark circles under the eyes. Also, apply a concealer all over your face, evenly distributing it to the area of ​​the nose, chin and cheekbones. Apply the product better tapping movements of the fingertips.

Step 10.   Using your fingertips, apply a creamy caramel-pink blush on the cheekbones.

Step 11.   Move the lips with a pencil or pink flesh color. Keep an eye on the line, it is important to match the contour of the lips.

Step 12.   Ad Hoc lip brush, apply a pale orange-pink lipstick. Make ready!