I want to look like Beyonce ...
 In this article, we'll reveal the secrets of compelling image of superstar Beyonce, her sexuality and attractiveness.

Step 1:   Put on lids copper-brown shade, using an oval brush, which allows you to distribute color evenly.

Step 2:   Fine pointed brush to apply the same shadow on the lower eyelid (in the vicinity of the small cilia).

Step 3:   Then apply over the shadows in the corners of the eyes peach-pink hue.

Step 4:   Mix the chocolate-brown tones and all of the same oval brush apply on age wrinkles. Due to the shape of the brush means you can apply very evenly.

Step 5:   Use dark brown eyeliner. This is a very tricky part of the make-up, so you need to use eye very cleverly, only slightly moving away from the lash line.

Step 6:   Curl lashes and apply the dark brown lengthening mascara that makes lashes long and upbeat.

Step 7:   Use your fingertips to apply on the forehead, chin and cheekbones moisturizer with a hint of tan. Distribute the cream better tapping movements.

Step 8:   Using a special cloth blot the face so as not to damage the substrate. Thus, you get rid of excess funds and from excessive shine, leaving a smooth matte complexion.

Step 9:   Use creamy pinkish blush, moving the brush from the bottom up.

Step 10:   To do the main emphasis on the lips, apply a finger pink or creamy lip gloss.