Look younger: the secrets of Hollywood
 If you, like me, constantly figure out the age of the stars of Hollywood, in disbelief, then this article is written specifically for you.

Let us see what are the secrets of celebrities and how they can use for their own purposes.

Taking care of the skin and proper care taken away a lot of free time, but we will reveal a few secrets that will help you to save it.

Secret 1: Celebrities are constantly undergoing treatment and wellness facilities in the mineral springs (not so simple as it seems :))

Secret 2:   they always do the chemical cleaning of the face. Yes this is true. In addition, many stars prefer face-lift or plastic that can not take one procedure, and the whole operation.

Secret 3: Stars come out with full make-up, that is, layers of different cosmetics. Hard to believe, but when I saw Heidi Klum without makeup, was impressed: circles under the eyes, pale skin. Undoubtedly, it is - a pretty girl, but the right makeup and cosmetics doing their job perfectly.

Secret 4:   they stay out of the sun. Examples include Nicole Kidman - it just avoids the effects of ultraviolet radiation on the skin. Celebrities spend money on sunscreen, wear hats with brims, they understand that the sun - it is the first cause of skin aging.

Secret 5:
  they resort to Botox injections. The fact that the braces can not always return young person.

Secret 6: they use funds from vitamins. The fact that the stars do not spare money to excellent cosmetic products, which protects the skin and makes it healthy.

Secret 7:   it's my favorite secret. Not all stars excellent leather, it is mainly determined genetically, so treat it does not make sense, there are no tools that would prevent problems of genetics. For example, Britney Spears disgusting skin, like Cameron Diaz. Their way - to hide the flaws with makeup. Jennifer Lopez suffers frequent appearance of small pimples. The exception, perhaps, is only Nicole Kidman, the skin is smooth and shiny (perhaps with the help of cosmetics).
Author: Ann