Madonna's Hairstyle
 Madonna stands out for its extravagance, she never puts on twice the same outfit, makes a variety of hairstyles, but it is stylistically combined with its image. It can be both gorgeous goddess in diamonds and jewelry in a modest shepherdess. Stylist Steven Yanello - permanent assistant stars in achieving the desired result. He'll tell you how to make a hairstyle for every day of the Madonna.

Step 1.   Wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo, then gently dry them with a towel, soaking up moisture, then apply a conditioner for dry hair volume and to the end.

Step 2.   Root dry hair is from the back. Yanello recommends raising strand with a brush, hair dryer to dry the hair from the roots. Then you need to dry your hair over the entire length, to repeat in the opposite direction. Only after the hair is dry, they dipped a comb.

STEP 3. Apply the product styling, curling locks to start using hair iron.

Step 4.   Start curling back strands so that the locks were the same, elastic and lightweight.

Step 5.   When you start to work with the front strands, make sure they are not raised too high, otherwise your curls will stick and puff up at eye level.

Step 6.   Once finished perm, comb the hair comb with a few teeth. Then, whisk them with your fingers. To consolidate the results, apply spray superstrong fixation, however, make sure that it does not stick together strands.