New Year 2014: three simple festive attire
 Just two weeks left before the New Year. A corporate parties and meeting friends for a long time began. What should I do if the dress for a holiday is not yet ready? Which option will be successful in any case not devastate pockets? We have for you three ideas.

Festive attire 1. Almost Kate Middleton.
Remember the famous blue dress Kate, in which she and Prince William engagement reported? Royal Blue - perhaps the most successful color for any festive moment. And for the holiday this year, he is doubly appropriate because we meet year of the Blue Horses.

For the New Year holiday will need to dress in blue (if you do not have this yet, buy safely - always handy in the future, it can be combined with many things), silver belt, stockings nude and black dress shoes with heels in patent leather.

Complement the image of red lipstick and silver jewelry (earrings, barrette).

 New Year 2014: three simple festive attire

Festive attire 2. White top, black bottom.
Traditional style office can become a festive, if you select a black velvet mini skirt, white blouse of flowing silk and gold accessories to complement all.

Near corduroy or velvet skirts look best tight tights and matching velvet boots. It turns a great way of day-to-night: practical and festive.

 New Year 2014: three simple festive attire

Festive attire 3. emerald and gold.
What color is the New Year's Eve? That's right, the color of the Christmas tree. Try to dress in the colors of exquisite "blue" ate with the big bold jewelry.

You will need a dress precious emerald and massive jewelry (eg, earrings or visible-chain necklace). Against the background of emerald green dress any metal looks expensive and elegant, so decoration can be an inexpensive jewelry. Festive and dramatic way to add metallic manicure and red ornaments in their hair or on the bag (just like a red star on the Christmas tree).

 New Year 2014: three simple festive attire

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Author: Julia Gnedina