Weathered face: how to prevent and how to treat?
 This question is part of a wave of women in the winter. Chapped facial skin may appear even after a harmless walk with the child, not to mention the winter running or active in nature.

Weather-beaten faces appear as a result of exposure to low temperatures and low humidity. These conditions destroy the natural skin oil, causing dryness, redness and irritation. The skin turns red and starts to peel off, and the blood vessels in the outer layer of the skin dilate.

How to prevent it?
Generally, windburn can arise in any skin area that is exposed to the above conditions. Therefore protect hands, neck and ears. Wear gloves, a scarf, a high collar that protects the chin. For very cold days, you can even use the helmet-cap (cap-hood), which leaves only the eyes exposed, or scarf to wrap up.

 Weathered face: how to prevent and how to treat?

Among the cosmetic products that prevent chapping, can be called sunscreens. Use creams with SPF for the face and lips every 2 hours if you plan to stay long in the open cold.

 Weathered face: how to prevent and how to treat?

Refrain from leaving the house for a long time, if the temperature outside below -7 degrees. Keep in mind that the wind reduces the temperature, and even at a comfortable temperature, but the wind is strong, the skin is still subjected to strong cooling.

What if the person winded?
Chapped skin craves moisture, therefore, apply to the skin moisturizer. But take a lotion or cream that does not contain acidic ingredients (such as fruit acids) and strong fragrances because weathered skin is very sensitive. Hypoallergenic means fits best. Apply moisturizing 3-4 times a day.

Other means of quickly helping when chapping - aloe vera gel or pure aloe vera juice. You can add a few drops of aloe moisturizer.

As a detergent, use the product with glycerol, so you'll save as much as possible the natural oils in the skin, they are very necessary for the healing process.

 Weathered face: how to prevent and how to treat?

Until complete healing chapped skin, do not use the peeling. Flaky skin - it's part of the healing process, until the skin is no longer red and dry, do not use scrubs.

If you are experiencing pain, you can apply the ointment Ibuprofen, it will help with the swelling and speed healing.

 Weathered face: how to prevent and how to treat?

Author: Julia Gnedina