And in the morning they woke up ...
 Under the new year may be the most unexpected things happen. And you, like the hero of "Twist of Fate" can safely be in an unfamiliar place, totally unprepared and disarmed (I'm talking about makeup and tools's Skin, of course).

I remember as a student at one of New Years someone suggested: "But Makhno, Peter! ". It was the last day of school, on December 30, we went to the station and were able to buy tickets only on the train, which departed after 45 minutes. Well, then what charges? Immerse yourself in the car and go have fun.

This I mean that in the morning, in the apartment at the St. Petersburg friends, you could find only soap and a packet of milk for care.

Magic do happen, and to this day, although like all long become pragmatic. Therefore, for the most daring lovers of romance - Three funds for the skin that you will definitely be always at hand.

1 tea bag to the eye.   Green or black. Tea contains tannic acid which take medical treatment skin and caffeine, it constricts blood vessels, removes edema, fatigue.

2. Aspirin acne.   Just not inside. It is necessary to make a compress or aspirin mask. Aspirin contains acetylsalicylic acid - anti-inflammatory and exfoliating ingredient. Read more about the mask of aspirin we have already mentioned, see:
- Mask of aspirin
- Aspirin Foot

3. Milk, to soothe the skin.   Milk contains protein (casein and whey), fats, amino acids, lactic acid, vitamins A and D. The excellent means for dry or irritated skin. Wash milk when your not at hand cleanser, and if you can take a bath - then add it to milk, no fatigue, no irritation and dryness!

 And in the morning they woke up ...

Holiday greetings!
Author: Julia Gnedina