Black tea for beauty
 In recent years, black tea is relegated to the role of green, white and red varieties. Of course, anti-oxidant black gives green leadership. But that does not forget about it just not worth it. Black tea can be very useful for our beauty and youth.

- Bag of black tea can be used as kompressikov for tired skin around the eyes. Caffeine helps the skin around the eyes look radiant and young.

- From black tea can make the ice to wipe face in the morning, and can be implemented even more simple recipe: put your bags in the refrigerator used black tea, and they wipe your face like ice.

- Bags of black tea (freshly) - an excellent remedy against acne. Brew and apply to pimples, leave on for 5-10 minutes, but the more the better. After that, do not wash the skin, let the tea leaves are still "work."

- Black tea - not just a painting natural hair color, but also a natural tan. It is better to spray on the face, then the coating will be smooth. You need a bottle with a spray cap, 10 tea bags and water. Brew the tea is strong enough. Cool and disperse the composition on the skin.

- Tea bag - a handy tool for lip care. Applying tea bags to her lips, get a good moisturizer!

- Tea bath perfectly tones, slightly mattes the skin, gets rid of acne. Just throw in a bath with a few bags of black tea.

- If you have any signs of insect bites, make a cold compress of tea. In the tea soak a towel and apply to the sore spot.

- The same can be done and wrap for sunburn.

- Are you concerned about perspiration and unpleasant smell? Make bath of black tea. Tannins contained in tea help to take odor control.
Author: Julia Gnedina