Care is possible even without makeup
 Today's beauty secret is each of us on a shelf in the kitchen.

This baking soda. And you can hardly imagine all the benefits of this simple product. For example, in the United States, producer of soda holds for everyone seminar "Million Ways to use baking soda." But we'll start with the most simple:

- Soften the skin.   Forget about oatmeal, foam bath and other tricks. Add baking soda to the bath, this bath softens the skin, soothes irritation caused by bites or burns. Just be sure to rinse the skin after a bath.

- Deodorant.   If there is a good antiperspirant hand, walk with a bad smell of sweat is not necessary. Sprinkle baking soda armpits. Soda absorbs odors rather than masking them.

- Scrub.   The simplest structure - the three parts of soda and one part water. Thus the composition can be treated rough skin heels, elbows, knees. Clear your skin of oil and dirt can also add in a little baking soda on a loofah.

- Shampoo.   Baking soda, add conditioner or shampoo, shampoo and get a deep cleaning. And hair can be washed with a aqueous solution of soda, if not a shampoo.

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Author: Julia Gnedina