Choose lipstick nude
 Shades of nude lip is now relevant. But are all the same skin colors? The answer is no. Find out what shade of nude is right for you.

As in the selection of other make-up, it is important to start from the color:

- For pale skin: Avoid lipstick beige, it will make you completely pale, look for pale apricot hue or color of a pink carnation.

- For the tanned skin: suitable cream, caramel and warm beige tones, avoid all-too-cool shades (silvery or grayish).

- For olive skin: holders of such skin can be happy, almost any shade of nude suits them - from soft beige to bronze.

- For skin a yellowish color: cream-colored suit beige shades, such as a latte or mocha.

- For dark skin: suitable chocolate tones, brown, coffee.

Bonus tips on makeup to tone nude «worked" successfully:

- Exfoliate necessary. Ready lips before applying lipstick nude, lips should be smooth.
- To lipstick "disappeared" on the face, buy options with a slight sheen.
- With nude lipstick should pay particular attention to the cheeks, first bronzer, and on top a little bit of pink or peach.
- Emphasize your eyes - brown or gray smoky, or just black eyeliner.
- Focus on the eyebrows need.
- Avoid in lipstick and other make-up (eye shadow, blush) pearlescent shades.
Author: Julia Gnedina