Hair Oil: why is it necessary?
 For thousands of years women from different countries use oil for their hair. But do we need this product today?

The short answer: Yes. And arguments.

Many people mistakenly believe that the oils contribute to the rapid growth of hair. Trichologists do not think so. Oils do not strengthen follicles and accelerate the growth of hair. Hair oil should be primarily for air-conditioning. They improve the structure and shine.

Another error - is to use the oil for dandruff. If you have dandruff, the oil will not help. On the contrary, should avoid prolonged stay in the hair oil, or from a fungal infection increases the chances for development. However, it should be noted also that many wrongly mistaken for normal dry scalp dandruff. There is talk about it as dandruff fungus.

Oils moisturize hair, straighten, prevents their fragility. There are oils which improve hair color, giving brightness.

How to use oil for hair? Before applying the oil with his fingertips massaging your scalp for 15 minutes. It helps to relax, improves blood circulation of the head, relieves stress. Then, a little heat the oil. Apply on the hair. To do this, divide the hair into sections and rub in each strand.

Oils should be neither too much nor too little. Enough so many that wet my hair. Massage the head with the oil in a circular motion.

After regular oil air-conditioning, you will notice that the hair will not need as frequent washing. If you have little time for oil kondionirovanie, then select at least half an hour. Apply oil and wrap head with a towel. Then rinse shampoo. But the best thing you can do - is to leave oil on the hair overnight.

WARNING: Never leave oil on the hair longer than 24 hours!
Author: Julia Gnedina