How much cream should be applied?
 Remember the ad: "How to hang in grams? "? To paraphrase a familiar expression, it could be entitled this short post like this: "How to apply makeup in grams? ". And, really, you know, how many cosmetic products you need to apply to the expected results? Read our tips.

When using this product, it is necessary to know that the success of the protective properties of sunscreen depends on the dose and frequency of application. The average amount of money that is needed to cover an adult in a bathing suit is 1 ounce, or about 30g or 2 tablespoons. For the person - just 1/3 teaspoon.

Moisturizing cream
For the majority of creams there is a rule - should be so much money that it is uniformly covered the entire surface of the face, without surpluses (which stain clothes), but without the unreached areas. Moisturizer is difficult to apply in excess, since it is well absorbed. Therefore, we can not worry about how to apply the right amount of money, just enough to handle all areas of the skin. And remember a simple rule - moisturizing properties of the cream will double, if applied to damp skin.

Nutritious cream
The main reason why we can not always see the results of the action of nourishing cream - improper and insufficient application. Nourishing cream - dense and fatty feels, is a special product. Gels and fluids can be classified as a moisturizer, they do not feed. But in a nourishing cream has fatty acids, phospholipids, lecithin. Take this rich cream and apply a thick layer, spreading across the face with his hands. If the cream is quickly absorbed, add more, he has to lie down on the skin mask. It is a bit like with this mask. Then remove the excess, if any, and moisturize the skin. Within a week you will see results that gives the application of nourishing cream.
Author: Julia Gnedina