Kim Cattrall on cosmetics Olay, your age and film premieres
 The most memorable role of Kim Cattrall - certainly Samantha from "Sex and the City." This free, in many respects a lady won both male and female audience television series. However, Kim says she does not share the views of his heroine, stepped 50-year milestone, it remains a supporter of monogamy.

"I'm the same as most women. Sometimes insecure work gives me very hard. I want to be near the beloved man and seriously approach the relationship "- says Kim publication StyleList.

Did you know that recently Kim Cattrall has been selected by means of anti-aging face of Olay? Women over 50 rarely involved in advertising, even anti-age products. But the brand Olay could not resist the charm and charisma of an actress. Kim advertises means of line Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 - Advanced Anti-Aging Body Wash.

"I'm 54, and Olay was not afraid to put my face on the poster. And this is a great promise for millions of women around the world ", - says the actress.

 Kim Cattrall on cosmetics Olay, your age and film premieres
Anti-aging agents for a body that promotes actress

 Kim Cattrall on cosmetics Olay, your age and film premieres
Kim Cattrall is not only the face, but the body of Olay Total Effects: «For me it is very important that the skin smooth and radiant. Now I trust my body two means Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 - Advanced Anti-Aging Body Wash and Body Lotion. It has never been easier to make my skin a luxury. " New products appeared in stores in the US in February this year.

Skin care
Kim - is British by birth. "I have very white English skin, it can be seen on everything any wrinkles and irritation. I'm not sunbathe, but sometimes I do it, because with tanned skin looks healthier. But as soon as I put my body scrub after the working day, as if I can hear my skin thanks for the magic! ".

Kim Cattrall has developed its own rules in skin care. She always uses sedatives, otherwise there will be spots or redness. To wash just a jet of warm water, and dry skin (around the nose and cheeks) gets a moisturizer, leaving the T-zone without humidification, because it is more fat and it does not need additional moisture.

"I think most women skin is a combination of dry and oily areas. My advice is - in many ways to take care of different parts of the skin. Do not use only a cream for dry skin or just fat. It should be combined "- advises Kim.

Days makeup-free
Over the weekend, the actress lets your skin breathe and uses minimal makeup. In those days she just curls lashes and put on sunglasses. "No one takes my curling eyelashes! I am without them anywhere! "- Says Cattrall.

C age - moderation
As for the makeup to go out, and here, Kim does not support a screen image of sexual lioness. She believes that with age make-up should be softer and easier. And she never uses a lip liner!

"I love the pure and natural manicures and pedicures. I do not wear a lot of jewelry. Opt for these dresses, which are themselves "speak" for themselves, "- says Kim of his style.

"The older I get, the better I calm down. It would be great if there was such a young man. But I have nothing at all about themselves I did not know then, so tried to grasp at all the trends and tendencies. While they can and have helped me in the long run, to understand who I really am. "

In his role
Yes, Samantha Jones - this is just a character. Actress Kim Cattrall is not so frivolous. But the director has consistently offered its just such images. For example, on April 8 US screens leaves prime minister Kim - "Meet Monica Velour". This is a comedy. "Very funny, original and at the same time sympathetic" - adds Kim. The plot tells about the friendship that develops between awkward and unsettled man 17 years old and 50-year-old lady, who was in the 80s porn star. This woman plays Kim. So, the audience will not have to take a break from sexuality and openness stars.
Author: Julia Gnedina