Matte leather all day
 How to get a matte skin without much powder and the effect of layered cake on his face? Have a little secret for oily skin.

1. Preparing the skin before makeup. Before you apply makeup, prepare the skin with a moisturizing lotion. Just be careful! The lotion should be marked «oil-free» (without oil) or «oil-controll» (controlling oil).

2. Apply the powder brush. Powder can help dull the skin, but only if you use it correctly. Use to apply powder brush, they will not be allowed to put a lot of product in order to avoid the effect of the cake. A layer of powder is easy and transparent, without excess. This can not be achieved if applied with a sponge or a powder puff.

3. Apply the powder is not all over the face. Use the powder on the T-zone: only between the eyebrows, on the sides of the nose and chin. This will allow the rest of the people to have a natural sheen that makes a person a fresh and yet opaque. Choose a translucent powder and use it on top of other tonal resources.

4. Keep with blotting paper. This product is specifically designed for oily skin. Before the correct makeup, blot the face of the paper, remove excess fat. Then adjust the make-up, if required.
Author: Julia Gnedina