Super-simple ways to burn calories
 Information for those who want to lose weight, but always forget about it. And as for those who had too much too much, in terms of calories. As well as those who work a lot and do not have the time to oatmeal for breakfast and fitness for dinner ...

The main principle - included in the diet (as a snack or meal) foods rich in antioxidants and helps improve metabolism.

Grapefruit tea
This tropical fruit is not necessarily eaten raw, especially in our region it is not completely accessible. Because it makes a wonderful tea. Grapefruit contains a substance naringenin, which keeps insulin at an ideal level. Tea Grapefruit improves pishevarenie.

Tomato soup
This meal provides you with a large supply of antioxidants. It's a great way to increase the fat burning process and reduce the number of calories. On hot days you can eat cold soup, and in the cool days - warm. In addition, tomato soup or stewed tomatoes suppress appetite and you do not have to eat a lot. Just do not add salt this product!

The drink of honey and cinnamon
Lose weight quickly and effectively help this drink: 1 teaspoon of honey, half a teaspoon of cinnamon, 1 cup of boiling water. All thoroughly and infuse for half an hour. Then again stir the mixture and drink: half a cup before breakfast and the other half - in the afternoon. With this method, you can lose weight no less than 3 kilograms per week.

Raw Foods
Significantly cut your calories in the diet can help raw foods. If your plate about 50% of the raw ingredients (vegetables, fruits, herbs), the metabolism increases at times, and the internal organs are not affected, because in raw foods is enough nutrients. Try and do not cook porridge and macerate (oatmeal, buckwheat), then you are able to appreciate the magical power of raw foods.

Do not drink during meals
If you want to part with the excess weight, try not to drink during meals, as this leads to slower digestion. It is better to drink a glass after a wait of 15 minutes, and then proceed to eat. This will greatly enhance the digestive process.
Author: Julia Gnedina