The most popular questions about the laser hair removal
 You are already thinking about how to stem the beach season were clean and smooth? Probably, laser hair removal is right for you?

Is it safe?
Yes, it is safe, as long as you use the services of a licensed professional clinic or salon. During the procedure, the laser beam does not touch the skin, and only affects the hair follicle, which then impedes the regrowth of new hair. On average, 3-5 sessions must pass through every 4-6 months to achieve maximum results.

It hurts?
It's a little more painful than the friction on the skin, but the advantage is that the discomfort disappears almost immediately. Some salons offer anesthetic cream, but here lies the small risk, because you may be allergic to the components of the cream. Placement of ice on the skin prior to the procedure to minimize any pain.

Will there be consequences after the laser?
After the procedure, skin redness can have another day or two, that's fine.

Who can do laser hair removal?
Previously it was thought that the ideal candidate for laser hair removal is a person with light skin and dark hair. But new technology allows the laser to remove hair and those with darker skin tones, as well as the holders of blond hair. But not all lounges have a new technique.

Can laser rid of hair permanently?
Not really. That is, the new hair to replace the remote does not grow back. But there may be other hair. If hairs appear where there had previously been removed by laser, then the new will tend to be more soft, thin and sparse. But the term "permanent hair removal" is more suitable for a technology called electrolysis.

Is it profitable?
Laser hair removal is much more expensive than shaving or waxing. But it is when compared to a single procedure. In the long term, the laser can be even more profitable. Site RealSelf, which examines the results of various cosmetic procedures, published the results of the survey: 69% said they were satisfied with the results of laser hair removal and believe that the procedure is worth the cost. A beauty-editor of the American edition of the fashion and beauty R29 (all 100%) said they recommend laser hair removal to their readers.
Author: Julia Gnedina