What should every woman to prevent breast cancer
 There are several factors that can increase the chances of developing breast cancer. Despite the fact that the risks increase with age, there are preventive techniques that you need to do to start as early as 20 years to protect themselves from breast cancer.

1. Maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight or obese can increase the risk of developing breast cancer because fat cells produce a small amount of estrogen, a hormone that contributes to some types of cancer.

2. Get to know your family history. Sick if someone close relatives of breast cancer? If so, do not tighten with the survey, the risks associated with genetics.

3. Perform breast self-examination.

4. Limit yourself in alcohol. Glass of red wine is still not considered harmful, but the excessive consumption of alcohol increases the risk of disease.

5. The importance of regular exercise. This litter is not only to keep normal weight, but also reduce the risk of breast cancer. American doctors are advised to engage in cancer prevention 45-60 minutes five times a week.

6. Consult with a physician when selecting an oral contraceptive. Long-term intake of some of them to increase the chances of breast cancer.

7. Evaluate all risks. For example, avoidance of breastfeeding or childbirth after age 35 increase the chances of getting breast cancer. Any influence of the environment, bad environment, lifestyle.

8. Do not hesitate to visit the doctor often. Do not hesitate to ask about breast cancer specialists.

9. Do not escalate the situation. Even the presence of you all the factors contributing to the disease, - does not mean that you get it. Stress and anxiety only exacerbate any risks.

 What should every woman to prevent breast cancer

Do not forget to October - the month of the fight against breast cancer. Make a purchase in the beauty shop with the emblem of "pink ribbon" and thereby helping patients and doctors struggling with breast cancer.
Author: Julia Gnedina