Energy self-massage of the face, or the secret Taoist monks
 My hands and gently touch,
like butterflies night flight ... ..

Massage can be called the king of beauty treatments. After all, if the creams, masks, peels, wraps cause different reactions of the skin, depending on its type, and the individual characteristics of the organism, such as allergic reactions, irritation, then a massage, made skilful, gentle hands, but still with love and care, never bring harm.

Since time immemorial, the beauty of different countries, races and peoples used massage oils, pearls, gold, silver, silk, jade and cornelian stone massage. But with the help of ordinary human hands, even their own, can work wonders. Ease of self-massage is that it can be carried out on a daily basis and on their own without any help. Self-massage - not only useful but also pleasant procedure. Patting, stroking stimulate the facial nerves and subcutaneous tissue. Activates the metabolism, improves blood circulation.

One of the most effective is the practice Daoist self-massage   - And no wonder, because the Taoist Master looks amazingly youthful and healthy. Judging by their appearance, activity and mobility, they can be given twenty years less than it actually is. Technique Taoist rejuvenating and heals self-massage has approximately five thousand years. Until recently it belonged to the list of secret knowledge. Currently, many spa includes Taoist massage at the complex program of skin care face and neck, which include exfoliation, massage, mask, hardware and other methods, but to master the technique of self-massage can optionally everyone.

If the massage is applied in the normal mechanical action on the skin and muscles, the Taoist is used more and vital energy qi, so its efficiency is higher. First you need to learn to focus the energy in his hands. It's not as difficult as it seems at first glance. The points at which the energy is concentrated, is in the middle of palms, concentrate them to the attention - and feel the heat. You can rub your hands together to awaken energy. Try to breathe in air through your nose and exhale palms. The first exercise can be considered preparatory to direct self-massage:

  1. Stand up straight, raise your right hand to the sky and ladnyu visualize how it flows into the cosmic energy, keep the left hand palm down and silently gathering in her energy coming from the Earth, then rearrange them. At the level of the stomach, and there are palms against each other, there is a mix of energy, and accumulated in the palms of the force that will transform your face.

2. This exercise strengthens the muscles of the face, prevents the appearance of wrinkles, increases elasticity and improves the complexion - it is sometimes called "dry by washing."

Palms, filled with energy, tray-to-face and make 24 circular movements upwards, sideways, down. At the same time the right hand moves up and down and right and left levaya- up and down. The touch is very soft and light, while not forgetting to breathe silently with his hands. Then we place the palm lightly on the cheek, the head rises and falls down, gently touching the palms, as if rubbing them cheeks - it should be done the same 24 times.

3. Includes a series of motions aimed improvement of the skin around the eyes and the eyes themselves:

  a)   Thumbs up like abut the cheekbones, and the index and middle together describe circles around the eyes: the big circle - up the nose to the left (left hand) -vpravo (right hand) on the eyebrows, down, inside, back up and move to a small circle - straight on the upper eyelid, round the corners of the eyes and the lower eyelid near the lashes completely, and the transition to the big circle - only 22 laps, though very gently.

  This movement is very good at helping in the fight against wrinkles and is indispensable for skin toning.

  b)   Close your eyes slightly concave (like a bowl) with his hands so that their middle is before your eyes. Wait a few seconds, feeling the eyes absorb the energy of the palms. Then make 12 movements of the eyes vertically (up and down is counted as one time), the horizontal, diagonal and circular movements in a clockwise and counterclockwise. Then the base of the palm to impose on the eye sockets, and 12 times not so much press on the eye.

  This exercise is great effect on the eyes themselves, improves visual acuity, relieves fatigue, gives vitality and shine look. You can do it separately, whenever tired eyes.

  at)   Three fingers lightly rest against the upper bone of the eye socket (ie, where the eyebrow), and never push gently, as if trying to lift it slowly counting to the 36. Then three fingers rest against the lower bone of the eye socket, and never push gently, as if trying to lower it slowly counting to the 36.

4. This movement reduces wrinkles on the forehead, and prevents their appearance, prevents and treats sinusitis, headaches, insomnia.   The index and middle fingers are put on the sides near the nose wings, and is easy to climb up the sides of the nose to nose. Above the bridge of the nose, above the eyebrows fingers diverge, each in their side (the left hand to the left, right, right hand) and a little sink to the whiskey. Then follow the same, but the fingers are raised above the eyebrows and slide on the forehead. And so it goes, until we reach the roots of the hair.

  The fingers move slowly viscous. It is necessary to make 3 of the cycle. Then the index and middle finger easily start "drumming" on the forehead from the middle to the temples and back - from the temples to the middle of the forehead, rising from the nose to the hairline and falling.

  5. Prevents the appearance of wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, stimulates the brain, treats headaches, neurosis, diseases of the eye.

  Pressed her hands to her temples around the outer corners of the eyes. Strokes of the temples of his hand, which is adjacent to the big toe from the corners of the eyes to the temples. 16 times.

6. This section is dedicated to the cheeks, improves elasticity and color.   Apply all the fingers on the cheeks with your fingertips to the eyes and stroking the cheeks of the middle of the face to the edges, moving down to the chin, then up again. Such cycles - up and down, to do 8.

7. This exercise reduces nasolabial folds, improves lip color, highlights the line of cheekbones.

  The index and middle fingers are put on the upper lip and the ring and little finger - at the bottom so that the lip caught between his fingers. Now lead his fingers to his ears, as though drawing a smile. To do so 22 times.

With regular massage, energy, of course, your skin will find bright fresh color and get rid of wrinkles.
Author: Olga Travleeva