Facelift: the truth about the most popular vehicles
 It seems that even children know what a facelift. So often "floating" is the word on television, with another poster, from the pages of a fashion magazine. Cosmetic trends promise to "non-surgical" face-lift and rejuvenation for 10 years, and other magical transformation. Have you ever wondered how much of this information is reliable?

Let's start with the fact that skin aging can be of several types. I now have in mind a direct biological aging of the skin, and not change under the influence of various factors. So, biological aging is of two types: melkomorschinistogo and deformation.

Melkomorschinisty type of skin aging   It is characterized by many small wrinkles on the face - it is about such a person say "baked apple". At the same oval face can be quite clear. This type of aging are subject, as a rule, thin women with dry skin and its tone reduced. By the way, this type of aging is characteristic of female smokers, because nicotine degrades under the influence of the supply of nutrients to the skin, it becomes thinner.

Deformation type of aging   characterized by "slipping" of the oval of the face and the loss of its precise contours. This wrinkles on the face can be a bit, but the contours of the face "gutter" and how to descend. This phenomenon is called "bulldog cheeks." Characteristic of this type of aging for larger women.

Let me remind you that there are several types of aging, depending on the factors that have a negative effect on the skin: photoaging, miostarenie, hormonal and, in fact, the biological aging of the skin.

Usually, the first clear signs of adverse changes in the skin occur at the age of 35 years. The researchers argue that this is the age the skin begins to "issue a" negative feedback on wrong care and abuse of cigarettes, tan, sun and artificial, and inattention to mimic a variety of other reasons. At this age, the process of cell division slows down, dead skin cells tend to accumulate on the surface, which immediately affects the appearance. At the same time, and there is talk of a facelift. In which case, it can be used?

Lifting is superficial and deep. Types lifting fundamentally different mechanism of action.

Surface lift   It creates on the surface of the face thin film, which tightens the skin and "support" the face oval. The result of the use of such funds - very fast, visible, but the effect is short, so-called "instant lifting". Typically, such an effect to the manufacturer when using special creams and serums. With constant use of such means skin will undoubtedly look much better, but this effect will depend on the type of skin aging, age and skin type. A more pronounced and prolonged effect will be women with melkomorschinistym type of aging, because if it is not the inner layers of the skin exposed to intense change, as opposed to the type of strain aging.

Deep lifting   - A time-consuming procedure that requires serious approach and ... patience, because the effect is only as a result of constant use of any funds for a specific course (usually an average course lasts 3 months or more). Over this period, the cumulative effect takes place - the physiological accumulation, in which the skin gets an incentive to long-term development of the skin's own collagen.

Components for surface lift
Hydrolyzed that is partly digested, animal or vegetable collagen. This component actually performs the mechanical support of an oval face - to dry the film is somewhat reduced in size and supports the skin.
Polysaccharides produced by special bacteria, or of natural origin, such as seaweed polysaccharides - alginates.
Protein molecules of synthetic origin.
Microcapsules necessary substances such as hyaluronic acid, protein molecules and other components capable to restore skin texture due to swelling and retention of moisture therein.
Mikropatchi, so popular in recent years, in fact, is the "guardian" necessary for the lifting substances. They gradually (for some time) are released and provide the lifting effect.

Components for deep lifting
As already mentioned, these substances stimulate the synthesis of collagen of skin, i.e. affect the subtle biochemical mechanisms to prevent aging. Such substances modern cosmetology knows a lot. This plant extracts: soybeans, shiitake mushrooms, biopeptid wheat. For the same purpose, the synthesized protein molecules specifically affecting the "growth factor" collagen intracellularly. Substances that reduce the activity of enzymes involved in the aging process.

Responsible manufacturers of quality cosmetics always indicate on the packaging or in advertisements to inform the mechanism of action of a cream or serum. Certified by the manufacturer without justification efficiency do not trust, especially if the cost of cosmetic preparation is quite low.

Additional components are generally included in the lifting means:
hyaluronic acid, urea, amino acids, - as an extremely hygroscopic, sparing moisture in the skin;
ANA - alfagidroksikisloty that are keratoregulyatorami - regulators renewal of skin cells. They enhance the effect of lifting products. This class of drugs is pure retinol;
Antioxidants - protect the skin from external negative influences, such as ultraviolet radiation. These are vitamins A, C, E. Plant bioflavonoids, such as rutin and catechin. Carotenoids, such as beta-carotene. Uubihinon or coenzyme Q - its biological effectiveness is five times higher than that of vitamin E. Because synthetic antioxidants used ionol.

Caution must be exercised in the use of lifting in the presence of edema on the face - lifting surface can cause even more swelling. The same is true for swelling around the eyes and hernias. Another word of caution for people with luggage in dermatological diseases, as Liftingovaja film may disrupt metabolic processes in the skin.

Finally, it should be understood that the lifting is not able to cope with such major changes as deep wrinkles, sagging neck skin. Facelifting using cream-lifting is also impossible!

Author: Olga Zorina