Rosacea. Part 1
 More than 90% of women faced with vascular problems: someone varices, someone complains about the spider veins, but most women upset vascular mesh on the face - rosacea.

It appears rosacea due to impaired circulation in the skin and appears as a local extension of small capillaries (capillaries). Advanced flasks look like stars or mesh.

  Predisposed to couperose more women than men; fair-skinned rosacea suffer more than blacks.

  Circulatory problems often located on the face (rosacea) and legs (telangiectasias).

  Wherever appeared mesh and stars, joy to their owners, they do not bring. There have been cases where women are perceived quite respectable for alcoholic just because her face was bluish color due to rosacea.

  One happy in this situation - that rosacea danger to life is not.

  The causes of rosacea are many:

  The main cause of rosacea - heredity. No wonder it is called congenital systemic vascular disease.

  If your family someone suffers from rosacea, it is likely "get" him and myself. Especially if rosacea "mark" on the face and mom and dad.

  However, rosacea can be purchased (received in consequence of any reason).

By provoking factors include:

1. The increased sensitivity of the skin. In this case, it is often observed redness or inflammation, accompanied by burning, tingling, itching. Redness may occur anywhere on the face.

At first, the redness are temporary, but gradually acquire a permanent character and become more visible due to changes in blood vessels. They expand and lose their elasticity. It already is a real rosacea, in which both you and notice the mesh surrounding blood vessels (telangiectasia).

  2.   Excessive exposure to the sun, excessive solarium contribute to damage to the vascular wall and persistent expansion of small blood vessels on the face and body.

  3. Smoking.

  4. Operation in extreme temperatures.

  5.   Saunas, hot tubs and saunas lead to increased blood flow in the skin, thus causing vasodilation.

  6.   Diseases of the cardiovascular system (especially chronic venous disease).

  7. Women's disease, leading to hormonal disorders (ovarian cysts, fibroids, etc.). Pregnancy, abortion, menopause.

  8.   Hormonal disorders. Some hormonal contraceptives provoke the appearance of rosacea.

9.   Stress also leaves traces in the form of rosacea.

10.   Provoke rosacea:
  - Chocolate and cocoa;
  - Coffee and black tea;
  - Pickles, canned salinity;
  - Smoked;
  - Alcohol (Argued that red wine contributes to the appearance of rosacea. However, according to French scientists, the red wine strengthens the walls of blood vessels, due to high content of flavonoids. Moderate consumption of wine reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and acts as a powerful antioxidant. But most of it the amount or fortified wines will certainly provoke rosacea);

  - Excessive consumption of spices (mustard, pepper);
  - Abuse of spicy or hot food.

  eleven.   The feet vascular mesh may occur because of the constant walking in high heels.

  12.   Heavy physical work.

  Prevent rosacea is much easier than to engage in treatment.

  Consider the following tips:

1. Do not abuse the products that provoke rosacea.

2. Do not smoke or not in the same room with smokers.

3. Reduce the number of drunk coffee and tea. You can not just - drink cooled down.

4. Required daily care for your skin:
  choose a mild detergent, avoid foams that can it to dry.

  Cleansing preparations must not contain alcohol additives or irritants. Many companies have begun to include them in therapeutic supplements, which are beginning to care for and restore the skin at the stage of purification (cleansing milk to remove makeup from Faberlic with Akvaftem, grape seed oil and vit. C and E;

  - Do not use deep clean the skin scrub with coarse abrasive particles - beauticians recommend to prefer jojoba wax beads, because they are spherical, whereby "rolled" over the skin, and has components identical jojoba its lipids. When cleansing the skin, do not use a washcloth, sponge, brush massage or mitt.

  Even skin with rosacea needs a thorough cleaning, but mechanical particles scrub, salon treatments vaporization, chemical peels and hard mikroderabrazii injure and irritate it.

  For this leather is used:

• peeling on the basis of enzymes - enzymes (papain, bromelain) (Enzyme peeling from deKAROline),

• possible mild chemical peel, depending on the severity of the problem (Neoskin Re-Surface Peeling with AHA and BHA from Faberlic),

• gentle scrubs on the basis of the gel (A gentle scrub gel base with Akvaftem, aloe gel and jojoba wax beads from Faberlic),

• gommazhi (oxygen gommazh from Faberlic with Akvaftem-PROTECT (Vit. E), extracts of mango and papaya and sesame oil) which recommended not to roll but just rinse copiously with water.

  - If the skin is delicate and sensitive, initially to be applied special cosmetics, carefully looking after and protect her.

  - Eliminate tonics and cosmetics containing alcohol, menthol, pronounced perfumes, essential oils of peppermint, clove, eucalyptus, fruit acids. Gently apply to cosmetics with honey.

  - Always wear protective day and nourishing creams, as skin with rosacea often have impaired or insufficient water-lipid protective mantle (especially in winter).

- Use sunscreen for the face and body.

  - Have a good effect for salon and home treatments cold mud masks or wraps. They saturate the skin necessary nutrients and trace elements, strengthens blood vessels and restore normal microcirculation (Dead Sea mud, sapropel).

- If rosacea appeared on the background of other skin problems (thinning, maturity, etc.), you must choose the complex means aimed at the underlying problem, but with an emphasis on rosacea.

5.   All cosmetic procedures should be carried out strictly according to the massage lines with fingers. Do not use brushes, sponges and sponges, ie all that can injure the skin.

6.   After washing the skin with a soft towel you can get wet, and even better to give it to dry yourself.

7.   Be sure to use sunscreen products in the period of solar activity (March-October in central Russia). Avoid direct sunlight. Sunbathing will only aggravate the problem of rosacea.

8.   Do not overheat the skin! Saunas, beaches, songs around the campfire, roasting skewers from the barbecue - the maximum limit your stay in places where there are changes in temperature.

  On hot days, drink as much clean cool water. Try to spend more time in cool place, and sit under the air conditioner constantly the same is not necessary.

  You can refresh a person with special sprays - tonics that are sprayed over makeup.

9.   For men with sensitive skin and prone to couperose should pick up a special soft cosmetics for and after shaving + care cream. Shaving is better to use electric razors, or ensure that the blade would have always been sharp. Blunt blade "cuts through" the skin. Do not use alcohol-based lotions and gels, aftershave!

To be continued...
Author: Valery Maslov