Sedatives for sensitive skin
 Dermatologists say that over the past three years, increased sensitivity of the skin by 50%.

The negative environmental impacts, such as pollution or cosmetics intense action, which may increase the sensitivity of the skin. We offer you an easy way to soothe irritated skin.

My skin has never required any special care and careful, even in adolescence, so I panicked when last winter, I noticed that my cheeks were cracked and began to peel off. I decided to fight, using all masks, creams and scrubs that just came across to me by the arm. But despite this, the skin every day it becomes red and inflamed even more.

Funny, but I never thought that my skin is so sensitive.
Products for sensitive skin filled the shelves of pharmacies and specialized cosmetic stores. This is a clear demonstration of the fight against skin imperfections. But what is the true definition of "sensitivity" of the skin? This skin, which is more significant prone to inflammation, redness, acne as for genetic reasons, and due to environmental factors like cold, polluted air and water, or use inappropriate for your type of products and tools.

Women suffering from skin diseases like eczema or red acne can occur in almost any negative impact, while others experience discomfort or irritation only in case of unsuccessful use of a new anti-aging serum, prolonged exposure to the sun or taking a hot shower too. Sometimes it happens that the perpetrators of stimulation is simply not visible, such as iron or calcium contained in hard water.

Due to the ongoing procedures on their own - microdermabrasion, chemical peel - skin can become inflamed at any time .  Dermatologists say that over the past three years, increased sensitivity of the skin by 50% .  Who is so great a variety of home treatments available, the temptation is doing its job .  In my head is spinning one idea: the more I do, the better for my skin .  Let's consider the example of a woman who has decided to make the first micromachining skin at home .  This procedure does not cause any harm until it has completed its application of moisturizing cream with retinoids .  Suddenly, the familiar cream called invisible until irritation .  When she destroyed the natural protective barrier of the skin as a result of extreme exfoliation during microdermabrasion, it provided an opportunity to toxins, bacteria, pollution and allergens to penetrate the skin and cause problems .  Skin needs time to recover from intensive processing .  However, the usual reaction women - use more funds at any problem .

If you wish, you can stop the danger

Products for sensitive skin

For 'beginners' first need to abandon the "magpie" approach in the selection of cosmetics - no need to buy all the bright boxes that catch in your hands .  Choose soft cleanser containing no active chemicals, sunscreen lotions and sprays (selects mineral formulas containing titanium dioxide or zinc oxide), and moisturizers odorless as perfumed additives can irritate sensitive skin .  If excessive redness, many dermatologists are also prescribed tools such as cortisone, but most importantly do not overdo it, because steroids can weaken the epidermis and cause new allergy .  Compliance with such a regime for two to four weeks - ample time to return the skin to a balanced state .  Then you can gradually introduce the excluded cosmetics .  Before doing the exercises with a load of 10 kilograms in the gym, you must first master the 3 and then 5 kilograms .  The skin is subject to the same principle .

Means for sensitive skin is now available in all price ranges - from brands such as Darphin and RéVive, to Cetaphil and Eucerin. Most importantly - the smaller components, the better. "You should avoid foods that contain vitamins, antioxidants, alpha acids and sunscreen in one tube," - said Dr. Diane Berson.

Even after overcoming the crisis state of the skin, avoid using harsh alpha acids and abrasive granular scrubs and tonics based on alcohol and electrical skrabiruyuschih devices. For those who have a genetic predisposition to irritation, buy soft means with a minimum content of active ingredients. And remember that, depending on the time of year, you need to change the tools: deep cleansers that help control the oiliness of the skin in the summer, can cause irritation in the winter months.

Year-round vigilance of the state of the skin is needed. After I stopped peeling of the skin during summer holidays because of the use of sunscreen containing alcohol (do not forget every morning abundantly applied to the skin products that contain SPF) has a new problem with the skin. For a long time I threw a huge number of jars with masks, scrubs and tonic and a halt to the use of a simple soft moisturizer. Oh, relief. The desired result is achieved - clean smooth skin. Sometimes all it takes sensitive skin - is smaller cosmetics.

Natural cosmetics - the best cosmetics

Brightening Serum coffee and soothing cream with green tea - natural cosmetics is always better. Last year, American researchers have spent $ 62 billion on research of natural cosmetic raw materials. However, natural scrubs may also contain abrasive particles of different fruit seeds, which can also cause irritation. If your skin is very sensitive, should pay attention to the following ingredients.

Rose and Lavado perfectly calm inflammation, said Michael Van Landingham - specialist specialized clinic.

Dr. Dennis Gross suggests using camomile tea as a natural tonic and blueberry seeds - as an effective exfoliant.

Dr. Kay Baxter, a dermatologist from the UK recommends "soft, natural" products are odorless containing aloe vera.

In case of severe inflammation, a dermatologist Diane Berson from Manhattan recommends a compress of milk, water and ice, which helps in the fight against itching and burning.