Skin aging, the prevention of age-related changes. How to keep the freshness and youthfulness of the skin.
 In our time, it has become very popular theme of victory over the aging, thanks to scientific discoveries in the field of genetic engineering. Rumors that scientists can stop the aging process at the genetic level, excite the minds of many inhabitants of our planet. There are many competing theories of aging, and each of them gives only part of the picture. Most experts agree that aging is a phenomenon involving a whole range of interdependent processes.

Genetic factors of aging, of course, there are, however, only 20% of the process is governed by human heredity. The remaining 80% - this is the environment, the climate of aggression, expressed primarily in solar activity, the level of stress, the immune system, unbalanced diet, lifestyle. On average, the age-related wrinkles are the first to appear in 60 years. All that before - thanks to the sun and stress.

The main instruments are aging free radicals. In the process of life in our body are formed aggressive oxygen species (free radicals, or oxidants) that trigger a process similar to rusting or rotting. This expansion is literally eating us from the inside.

Oxidants required by the body, they are involved in many physiological processes. Often, however, the number of free radicals increases, and then start the destructive processes. The reasons may be, for example, infectious diseases, smoking or prolonged exposure to the sun.

Ultraviolet rays - skin enemy number one. They induce the formation of free radicals which attack cells and destroys elastic fibers of the skin. Providing a direct effect on the epidermis, the stratum corneum thickens ultraviolet light, causing pigmentation and irreversibly damaging the cells.

Under the influence of both the sun and other factors, with the age of the structure and appearance of the skin affected. The epidermis is much thinner, the cells are uniform in size, decrease in volume of fiber connective tissue - collagen and elastin. The layer of fat attached to the outline of such a gentle roundness, thin, the muscles begin to stretch and sag, resulting in the formation of excess skin and, consequently, to the appearance of wrinkles and folds.

All these disappointing facts compel us to look for ways to prolong youth and resist skin aging. In the prevention of aging it is very important to maintaining the balance. Variety of fitness, nutrition and cosmetics will not solve the problem. The main thing - an individual approach and a reasonable combination of the various aspects of a healthy lifestyle. The level of physical activity should be determined by the state of health. For some, the only permissible chess games twice a week, and someone needed daily cycling.

It is important to observe proper diet and nutrition. Take care of a balanced intake of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Hard diet and the desire to eat only low-fat products will inevitably lead to premature aging of the skin - the lack of impact of unsaturated fatty acids.

In addition, our body often needs extra antioxidants, which act as a trap for the already known to us of free radicals. Antioxidants - a defense against accelerated aging (oxidation). They help the body to reduce the level of tissue damage and accelerate healing process, thus increasing the lifespan. Natural antioxidants are found in many healthy and tasty products, usually of plant origin that is necessary to enrich their daily diet. The most important antioxidants are vitamins C, E, beta-carotene, selenium, bioflavonoids (contained, for example, in the peel of oranges, lemons, tomatoes).

Antioxidants are found in berries: blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, red grapes, cherries, prunes are very helpful and raisins. From vegetables - it sprouts, beets, red peppers, eggplant and spinach. Grains also contain is the essential ingredient of youth.

The third 'whale', which is based on prevention of skin aging - Beauty products. It is also important individual approach. Only your own recipe for beauty, which takes into account all aspects of the lifestyle and needs of the skin to be effective.

Modern cosmetic products can withstand skin aging from 20-25 years .  "Some time ago, manufacturers were proud creams active transport molecules that can freely penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and actively stimulate the sagging cells .  Modern scientific and industrial laboratories producing drugs that affect only the superficial layer of skin - the epidermis .  Now, cream or serum is not necessary to "penetrate" inside, the risk of an imbalance in the work to make the skin .  The cream gives the task to the epidermis, and that, in turn, directs the "agents" (the so-called signaling molecules) into the deeper layers without disturbing the usual course of events .  Therefore it is very important modern cosmetology giving a means of purification, both surface and deep .  To have a full impact, the cream should get into the skin and be absorbed and not lie on the surface of the "dead weight" . 

In connection with the "superficial" way deep impact on the mechanisms of skin renewal, there is little risk of addiction to cosmetic ingredients. It is on this principle are prophylactic agents for those 20-25 years old. Such cosmetics prevents aging of the outer layer of the skin. Its main task - to ensure the proper level of moisture, enhance barrier function, to preserve the "capital of the youth." This trend of world medicine, "Prevention is always accessible, more efficient and cheaper," - says dermatologist expert of Avon, Svetlana Kovaleva.

When the aging process becomes more intense, there are not only small wrinkles, but also deeper, the homogeneity of color. This means that the time has come to take advantage of cosmetic products, which are more effectively fight the visible signs of skin aging. In particular, such funds hinder the process of glycation. Glycation - a "bonding" of collagen fibers with glucose, increases with age. Changes due to this process, collagen fibers are less deformed and retain water. As a result of glycation slowing natural renewal process that affects the appearance of the skin.

Cosmetics preventing glycation, eliminate and prevent the loss of skin elasticity, returns to her tone, moisturize and equalize.

Due to the complex, consisting of physical activity, healthy eating and well-chosen cosmetics, it is possible to effectively slow down the aging process, reflected, above all, on our appearance. But the main thing that holds and guides all three "pillars" in the right direction - it is an internal attitude. A positive attitude to life, the ability to love, worthy of self-realization - without it, neither superkrem nor supervitaminy nor supertrener not be able to prolong youth. «Art de vivre» - the art of living - in the first place!

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